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Saturday, 08 October 2011 20:29

 Dear Pokrovitels of 2nd and 1st stages, and all the visitors. All questions, suggestions and help, you can address to 4th stage Regional Pokrovitels from your region using our list. It lists all of the Regional 4th stage Pokrovitels from our Pokrov movement. If you see the advertisement about any Regional Pokrovitel on the internet or elsewhere, be sure to check whether it is in our list and if it’s linked directly to the ad or web page. If it is not linked and it is not from the list, it means that it is not the Pokrovitel and he is not from our movement.

 If you ever found on the web page a photograph of the Regional Pokrovitel, who offers his services, be sure to check whether there is a link to this page from the file list about him.   The Pokrov movement is responsible and liable for the actions of those Pokrovitels, who are listed on our website. Whoever is not listed with us, we are not responsible for their actions.   In our list can be found all of the information about the Regional Pokrovitels, such as their websites, links of their profiles to other websites, information about them, their location, and schedule of work, their discussion topics, and their contact information.

  Once you are registered in the list of Pokrovitels, you are allowed to rate them, post to the guestbook of Pokrovitel: gratitude, comments, suggestions, complaints, and to read comments from other visitors. In addition, you can communicate with Regional Pokrovitels by personal messaging, and chat. You can also see any posted event in the calendar, correspond with other visitors and communicate with them on the chat.

  Attention 3rd Stage Pokrovitels!     If you have good work experience in the Pokrov movement, with the religion, spirituality, alternative medicine, paranormal psychology, regular psychology, you want to help others and become a Regional Pokrovitel; you can address this issue to Archipokrovitel Nikolai.


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