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Prayer Pokrov is unique in its kind. This is pronounced at the same time with the hundreds of other Pokrovitels in different parts of the globe. Simultaneously, there is coming a very strong channeling on positive energy.

  The cycle of this prayer consists of 22 days from the first until the twenty-second of each month. Prayer begins at 12:00 p.m., Greenwich Mountain Time (GMT) (to find what time at this point in your zone, please use the time zone information).

The exact time in major cities is (New York – 7 a.m., London 12-00; Moscow 16-00). It is recommended to use a prayer closer to the total time for the maximum effect. In addition, this prayer can be used for yourself at a comfortable time for you, at any place. Below is given a description of how can the prayer be used at maximum.

  As previously stated, the prayer began from the first day of the month. This is recommendable to fast the first one to three days, which means not to eat or not to drink anything except water.

  The prayer can be performed alone, and in the group (with the family at home, in the temple, at nature). During the prayer, it is recommendable to have fire and water. The fire burns the negative energy that comes out from a person and surrounds the person, and on the contrary - water collects positive energy. After the prayer, the person can use the water to moisten their sore spots or for drinking.

  It is recommendable that you would have a number of photos and portraits by your side, Archipokrovitel Nikolai’s, regional Patron’s and your loved ones for whom you pray. You should take an ordinary large plate or bowl. The plate should be placed in the middle with a large stable candle standing inside and the water is filled into the plate or bowl, and it shows that the candle is in the middle of the plate in the water.   

The Pokrovitels should be sitting around the candle, and it is recommendable to sit on the floor or land in the lotus position, each of the Pokrovitels should be having before them the bowl with the candle and filled with water. All of the candles are getting lit, starting from the basic candle. In the group, there should be the oldest (leading) Pokrovitel. 

Usually, it is a regional Pokrovitel or the Pokrovitel who is on the higher stage than others.

  If everybody is on the same stage, then the people choose the most experienced Pokrovitel. The oldest Pokrovitel is giving an explanation and pieces of advice about the channeling, and the prayer. Further, by his command, everybody getting into meditation during the five minutes. The goal of the meditation which is to disconnect from the surrounding impacts and fully to channel on the prayer and energy. Further, the older Pokrovitel is saying a prayer by the sentence, and everybody else is repeating after him.

The text of the prayer:

Senior Pokrovitel: "Lord, send a Pokrov over us". 

Then everyone else is saying: "Lord, send a Pokrov over us." 

22 times each 

Senior Pokrovitel: "Lord, cleanse us from negative energy and give to us positive energy."

Then everyone else is saying: "Lord, cleanse us from negative energy and give to us positive energy."

22 times each.

  At this time, many experienced Pokrovitels who have developed extra-sensitive perception feel this energy. This energy can be directed toward the positive desire, directing it to your or to others desires. It requires a strong faith in God and in prayer, and big confidence that it will happen and to imagine it good in your future. If this all exists then it is possible to achieve any real goals (healing, changing your and others karma, eliminating life problems).

  The big plus could be if parallel with you are praying other Pokrovitels. You are channeling your own karma on what you are asking God, at this time your energy is planned on your and others future. Then after 10 minutes are passed.

Senior Pokrovitel: "Lord, we can see that you are helping us, we thank you for it," 

Then the rest of the people say: "Lord, we can see that you are helping us, we thank you for it"   22 times.

After the last sentence Senior Pokrovitel says: "Amen!"

Further, the rest say: "Amen"

This prayer is finished.   

This prayer can be used alone, anywhere, at work on the road, in an ordinary sitting position, sometimes it is enough to do it for five minutes. For maximum effect, it is recommendable to use it every day, throughout the 22 days cycle, and during the several cycles.   

Furthermore, if you will be doing everything right as recommended, then you will notice that changes went to a better way in your life, your karma begins to change, and the more you'll pray- the greater results will be. There can be rare exceptions that rapid changes do not occur, then try by maximum achieve the condition of meditation.

   During the prayer, you should mostly turn off of all the extraneous thoughts and concentrate more toward your asked goals. Some people know how to relax faster and to channel on the prayer, others need time and practice. Basically, do not stop and achieve your goals. If there is something that is not obtained, you can always contact for the help and pieces of advice to your regional Pokrovitel.

Change for better, your karma began to change, and the more you’ll pray - the greater the results will be. The rare exceptions can be that rapid change would not occur; a person should try to reach the maximum state of meditation, in prayer more disconnect from extraneous thoughts and concentrate more on the specified goal. Some can quickly learn to relax and tune in to prayer for someone to do this time and practice. The main thing is not to stop and reach its goals. A person can always ask for advice and help from their

local Pokrovitel.