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Monday, 03 October 2011 09:56

Dear Visitors

   It is mandatory to use our website’s options for the right editing and formatting.  In this article, we will explain about the use of website options.

                                                    Editor’s Material Management.

 1   If material is posted in the editor and by the login “remember me” box was not checked, then it takes to submit a material for publication- in a 30 minute period. As of result, this session time (waiting period for the user’s action) is ending and once the “submit” button is clicked, you will be sent to a home page and you will have to re-login. Therefore, it is recommended to always check in the box” remember me” for the faster submission process, and submit already typed material from another program or type a material in the 30 minutes period( which is rarely can be done or almost impossible if the text takes to type more than 30 minutes). It is strongly suggestible to programs like Microsoft Word, Open Office, Note Pad, and Word Pad.

 2   During the time period, when the material is copied from the text editor it is recommendable to click the “delete code” button in the editor, so that your material can be viewed correctly. In addition, falling fragments of a special formatting code editor in the paper will be avoided.

 3  In addition, editor provides an intuitively understandable interface.  In order to find the value of one button or another in the appearing tooltip is possible by the moving the mouse cursor on a button.  

In order to get access to upload video to website  please contact us at the forum.

In the case of emerging problems with working site, please contact us on the forum about them. Chat support does not always work.

 This article will be renewed by the amount of questions and author’s free time.


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