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Pokrovski, Nikolai Mikhailovich, is the main Archipokrovitel, and the five-staged single holder of the Pokrov. In addition, he is the founder and spiritual leader of a spiritually religious movement Pokrov.    

Archipokrovitel Nikolai was born on December 22, 1966- In the city of Shakhty, Rostov region, Russia. Since, Nikolai’s childhood - his interest primarily was healing. The first knowledge about healing and religion he received from his grandmother, who at that time was a natural healing wizard. He was working for more than 20 years as a psychic and a healer on a professional level. Since the year 2000, he lives in New York City.

   Archipokrovitel Nikolai have set the following goals to be achieved in the Pokrov movement, which are: the of believers in God, studying about all of the religions, their comparisons  and finding true faith in God, to help people who are in spiritual, mental, energetic need, to change a community into the better way, and people to develop their extrasensory sensitivity.      Archipokrovitel Nikolai is mainly known for his high psychic spiritual abilities and for his charitable activities. He is a person who has the hypersensitive gift, which is an ability to sense what would be unavailable to another person.     

Each person has come across in life many times with such situations, which cannot be explained. Every problem is the cause of chasing a series of failures, problems at work, and family problems. However, people can`t find a solution. Usually, we tell ourselves that this is an outflow of a chance and circumstances. Unfortunately, when we relate these issues to solve them exactly the way we see them -it becomes impossible to find a solution.    

Many people, who going to Archipokrovitel Nikolai, agree on this. They have felt on themselves how effectively and lastly, they can get rid of from seemably unsolvable problems, after when Archipokrovitel Nikolai diagnose its reasons. In all conscience, we can`t know about it. However, with the Archipokrovitel Nikolai, the events of the past tense and past life could be restored. It could be understood which mistakes are made and how they can, and needed to be fixed. For example, Archipokrovitel Nikolai can check the received information about the past tense and past life of the person in the archives. This way, he receives a possibility to tell the reason very accurately.   

The reason in your problems is covered in your actions that you did in your past time or past life. Archipokrovitel Nikolai is also diagnosed with your aura. He determines how this aura is stable. He also identifies the focuses of the negative energy that are found in you or surrounds you. Archipokrovitel identifies the focuses of the negative energy (bad eye, damage, curse, Paternoster and etc.)   

The ways that this negative energy comes from, where, when and in what ways is to put aside this energy and put spiritual protection. In addition, he gives you many useful pieces of advice and recommendations. By the way, it should be noted that Archipokrovitel Nikolai who has special abilities is developing his gift at all times. Archipokrovitel Nikolai can identify the condition of the person's energetic field by the use of the picture.    

Archipokrovitel Nikolai could not only tell the person's future or about the present but also tell the information about the person's past. He also can help you see your own past, present, and future yourself, the events that happen with others - by including your extrasensory feelings by placing them into the astral world.    

This is the basic proof that psychic sensitivity is really existing. The doubts are fully understood that are arising from every person when he hears about the Pokrovitel's special abilities from the highest stages". Many from these doubters are scientists who are doing many investigations, they are using the latest technology, in order to expose "imposters". Indeed, many of the people who call themselves "Pokrovitels of the highest levels, after such investigations are losing this title.    

Also, scientists have proved that there are people who really have these abilities that they are telling about. They are exactly the real Pokrovitels of the highest stage- with those who can spell out the information, which they are receiving from the astral field.   

Archipokrovitel Nikolai is one of them. He proved not once that he has an ability not only to foretell the future, clairvoyance, but also he can send his energy to the people that need it. Example, the person who is insecure, Archipokrovitel Nikolai can send confidence. These words are not empty, because the person can feel it right away. The person that suffers from depression, Archipokrovitel Nikolai can raise the mood by passing the positive energy.


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