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Children Protection Fund Pokrov

Fund Pokrov was organized and spiritually supported by Religious Movement Pokrov. The Fund was established in order to collect money for the kids who suffered from religious discrimination, mistakes and false accusations of

Administration for Children's Services (ACS) employees and others.

We established this Fund after the incident with ACS when kids were taken away from Pokrovski family without appropriate reasons. Everything started from religious discrimination of few people towards Pokrovski family. For more than 2 years Pokrovski family is fighting for justice in order to return their kids to the family. More detailed information is available on the forum of the site "Help with Situation".

In the situations when officers of ACS were mistaken or falsely accused you, there are no chances to find the truth and protect children. A bright example is Pokrovski family. In their case, most likely as in many other ones, free lawyers cannot fully protect children from false and illegal actions of ASC employees.

What do we need to help children, who suffered from mistakes and forged false accusations from ACS employees?

What do we need for the fast and full return of children to their families?

What do we need to save our kids from painful and long waiting procedures to return back to mother and father, brothers and sisters?

How can we stop ACS and other officials in the disfranchisement of parental right?

Our answer is – We Need Highly-Professional Paid Lawyers.

All the money coming to the Fund Pokrov are used to pay lawyers, who will defend children on behalf of their parents.

In case if your children suffered from religious discrimination or false accusations, illegal actions from employees of ACS and other officials, in the situation if you are threatened to lose your kids, or the Court decision is taking a very long time, or you cannot afford to pay a lawyer, you can apply to Pokrov Fund, directly to Nikolai Pokrovski. You can write to us your sad stories on the forum of our site "Help with Situation". From our site, we will put priorities to the most complicated and urgent cases and will try to help children by paying for lawyer's services.

People, who want to help children and parents in trouble may send a donation to Pokrov Fund via PayPal account


or checks or money orders payable to Nikolai Pokrovski


Pokrovski Nikolai

Children Protection Fund Pokrov

510 Brighton Beach Ave P.O. Box 145

Brooklyn NY 11235



Please send us your pieces of advice on the forum of the site "Help with Situation".

We pray and ask God to help us. We address to your hearts and mind.