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All of the following services are performed Arhipokrovitel Nicholai and his 22 disciples Pokrovitels by 4-th level. All facilities and assistance free of charge. All Pokrovitels only of 3-rd level, if you Pokrovitel 1 or 2 stage or a Pokrovitel for such services you can contact your Regional Pokrovitel


1. Prayer of Intercession for you or your relatives ( work with karma ).


During the 22 days cycle, Pokrovitels pray for you and to generate and send you energy for goals and desires: health, family happiness, freedom from addictions, business, career, education, relationships, the prolongation of life, physical and financial progress, getting rid of negative energy damage, whammy, curse crown of celibacy, and many others.


2.Prayer at birth


At birth and in the first year of life, it is the main spirit of energy, which subsequently affects his karma Pokrovitels during cycle prayers produced at the positive energy of the child, in his later life : health, happiness, success, etc.


3. Education.


Conducted on the internet, lessons, lectures, consultations on the theme: Cover, religion, spiritual practices, alternative medicine, paranormal.