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Saturday, 08 September 2012 17:58

Children Protection Fund Pokrov


The religious discrimination of Nikolai Pokrovski family is taking place for more than three years. Suspected in this discrimination are employees of Administration for Children's Services (ACS):


Jerome Wilson (Child Protective Specialist),

David Trani (CPSS),

Karen Geary (CCP),

Daisy Echeverria(PPRS),

Angela Hagee (CPS).


About three years ago the threats were made by telephone calls from Anonymous to Pokrovski family. They demanded to stop the religious activity. These threats contained the warning that children would be taken away from the family if the religious activity of the Pokrov Movement didn’t stop. Approximately in one year after the treats started members of ACS forged false accusations against Pokrovski family and three kids were taken away from the family. There was no reasonable base for this act. For the period of over than two years children cannot return home in spite of the fact that the Court proposed to make a decision to return kids to the family.

You can get more information about religious discrimination against Pokrovski family on the forum of the site "Help with Situation".

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