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Thursday, 04 August 2011 22:19

1.1 Introduction.

  The world in which everybody lives filled with different types of energies, which include also nonvisible kinds of energies. These energies are chemical, electrostatic, magnetostatic, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, psychological, and others. Many of these energies - cannot be heard, seen, and sensed. Furthermore, until a certain time; many other types of energies have not been proven. Although people thought about its energetical presence and it has been described in many literature books.

      Life is generally connected with energy, especially with emanating energy, which comes from any creatures through inside and out. People are influenced by the magnetic field and anthropogenic origin energy from the earth, sun, and other celestial bodies. There is a certain energy that presently is still not comprehended, but it is discussed a lot. This is bioenergy. Bioenergy is renewable and nonliving energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. Bioenergy exists and measured with many instruments. In addition, everybody can have their developed extrasensory energy, which is similar to bioenergy.

       Many institutions include departments of paranormal studies, the study of bioenergy which comes in and it influences a person. Currently, many of the leaders of state use the bioenergy for the benefit of themselves and the state. Before it was used mostly through religion and occultism, and today it intersects with science. Many materials in this field can be known to a human being. Many of those materials are kept in confidentiality. For example; the unknown special devices, that record, and measure human energy exist. It proves that the energy is sent from the brain and through other parts of the body. Other types of devices which photograph the aura of humans and animals called Aural Imaging.

   Almost, everybody knows about the bioenergy, its beginning and small parts, from studies, and it is even used in certain tasks. In some countries, occulted practice is punishable by law. From one point of view, it is correct that it is against the law because presently humans are not ready for the strong knowledge that is already known by some separate people. Bioenergy can be used for good and also for bad purposes. In addition, with the use of bioenergy, it is possible to create a huge weapon, which could destroy almost every single creation on earth. This weapon can be a million times bigger than the atom bomb. To create an atom bomb- a whole country with factories, devices, and technologies are needed and the involvement of several people. In everyday life, some people use this energy against others. Generally, many people do not realize, that using bioenergy against others, brings karmically unrepairable damages to themselves and other people. Pokrov is studied and used as an impact of bioenergy and energy from God- for the good of people.

   On this website can be found a list of only simple demos (excerpts) from my book "Pokrov," which is available in full content. A 4th stage Pokrovitels, apply the knowledge that gained from this book only for the benefit of other people. If anybody knows about the 4th stage Pokrovitel, which provides services by tormenting and damaging other people or sets it out as a business, earning money on it- please report it to me. A person who read these words by going on my website- already becomes a Pokrovitel. The further person will read, the more people will realize that they choose the right way. Although if a person has other points of views and presently does not trust these words, by reading further, a person will come to a conclusion better and their mind becomes stronger. It means that a person is on the right path.

     When a person becomes a Pokrovitel, the person’s life and life of those who surround her or him fully changes to a better way, but time is necessary for this change to take place. Therefore, a person should believe in positive and be patient. Faith is very important because without faith a person cannot do anything: for example, the person believes that they can cook a delicious meal- and they actually cook a delicious meal. The person believes that they can repair any kind of device- they fix it. The person believes that they can heal deadly sick person- they heal this person (by this person receives a faith for healing). The person believes that they can overcome any difficulty or dilemma in life- they overcome that dilemma. People believe that they can become successful- they are successful. They believe whatever is written can be done and it can be done. People believe that they can come here- and they do it by coming here. The more people will read and do practical directions and change themselves, the more they will see their results and come to the conclusion that it is really true. It really works, a person will sense this bioenergy, and the person will be able to control it for their own benefit, and for the benefit of others. Basically, put a goal in front of them, and succeed in this goal. The points from a lesson are that in the beginning, a person will not be able to come to this goal, but if a person goes until the end of the goal, eventually they will succeed - although, a person thought before that it was impossible and underachieved.

   Here can be found exercises, practical ways to achieve the goals- and in time it will be much easier with exercises. In order to understand it better and faster, it is better to do it in a pair with someone, but it is even better to do it in a group. Preferably, better to receive lessons from the fourth stage Pokrovitel or regional Pokrovitel. Pokrovitels do not take money for study and services. If any Pokrovitels that are asking money for study or services- please let your regional Pokrovitel know about it. Please let me know if it is a regional Pokrovitel who is doing it by himself or herself. Many lessons on Pokrov can be obtained by going to Pokrovitel and also by the distance with the means of the Internet. If you become a Pokrovitel, you must fully change your points of view about life. And possibly, help others more without asking anything in return, but by this do not let other people take advantage of you. An emotional and psychological condition can be changed into a better way, by finding true faith in one God and learning to do, what other normal people cannot do.

    Always come to this website, participate actively in the widening of a Pokrov movement, help others, love, and give more love to others, forgive others- no matter who it is, and no matter what they do ( by this, do not let these people continue doing anything horrible to you). Change the world into a better way, be calm, happy and joyful, pray to God through Pokrov Prayer, God and others would send a reward.

1.2 Emotional and psychological control.

1.3 Concentration on kindness.

1.4 To take off pressure, relaxation, and meditation.

1..5 Breathing and Lung function control.



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