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TOPIC: The link between tibetian medicine and astrology

The link between tibetian medicine and astrology 5 years 10 months ago #2418

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Tibet is an old country with a rich history that dating back decated and centuries. Tibetans are known for their advanced skills in alternative medicine as well as in treating a lot of diseases that are considered to be impossible to cure.
Over hundreds of years, tibetians took the best methods of curing from their neighbours like: China, India, Nepal and Mongolia. Unlike most medical systems around the world, this country has it's unique methods that are mostly linked to alternative medicine and Astrology.
The both systems - medicine and astrology are based has as its basic fundamentals five elements —Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Actually, Tibetan Medicine provides various preventive remedies in forms of diet and behaviour, and curative remedies in the forms of medicine and external therapy, in order to treat and pacify the disturbed state of the elements. On the other hand, Tibetan Astrology analyses the elements according to their mother-son-enemy-friend and self relationships, and indicates remedies in the form of personalized pujas and mantras, protective amulets, rituals and counseling. These remedies are calculated to pacify any negative energy. This is, however, due to a distorted conceptuality in the ultimate sense.

i think this point is the most important aspect of healthy living, and not only in tibetian medicine.
"We Are What We Eat". As I remarked earlier, in the Tibetan tradition our body consists of five elements being maintained by the same elements. A so called diet is sectioned into Six Tastes which are constituted in particular by combinations of the four elements — Earth, Water, Fire and Air — while the space element is overall. Everything comestible can be categorized into the Six Tastes due to their elemental characteristics. This way the doctor can guide his patient according to the needs of his own body.

It is very important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to stay fit. A good lifestyle has to be directioned by a right behavioural routine on both a daily and incidental basis, and also due to seasonal changes. The final deliverance on this is guided by the almanac advices, which is arranged annually according to severe astrological calculations. The parts of the day and the seasons itself is defining our behavioural pattern in terms of diet, clothing, work, and other manifestations..

When a person lives an unhealthy lifestyle, when he or she ignores the healthy food and exercising, they are usually forced to consult a personal physician for a tretment that is not based on alternative medicine. Tibetan medicines can be made from different natural ingredients and herbs. It is very important to know the right location and the time you can pick the herbs, so they can give the results youa re waiting for. Appropriate timing is also necessary while compounding a medicine, blessing the medicine and finally while consuming it. That's why there is an astrological calendar that perfectly shows when is the time to gain the herbs and to prepare it. For instance, the medicine called Chongshi (Calcite) Dawoe is prepared under the light of the Full Moon of the eighth Tibetan month. Blessing the finished medicines (sMan-sGrub)comprises rituals and prayers on specially calculated dates.

Astrological Guidelines
Excepting the annual almanac, which contains a detailed guidelines for one year, there are some other astrological readings like the Astrology of Natal Horoscope for the newborn, the Astrology of the Obstacle Year, the Astrology of Marital Compatibility, the Astrology of the Deceased and the Astrology of Geomancy for assuming major construction programs. There is also the Astrology of Ill-Health which contains guidelines to the cause of the disbalance, which can be adviced by a physician, and tell you about the gravity of the disease.

The fundamentals of both of these ancient Tibetan sciences are the same since the very beginning of their wisdom is the apprehension of the Universe of the Five Elements. Their basic goals and objectives are to help conscious beings and to support a healthy human life in order to reach illumination for the sake of all other intelligence beings. Therefore, Tibetan Medicine and Astrology depend or trust to each other to reach the main purpose.They are just cooperatingin its applied usage. There is a saying:

"In order to be a good physician
One has to be a minor astrologer,
And in order to be a good astrologer
One has to be a minor physician".
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