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TOPIC: Islam and Terrorism

Islam and Terrorism 1 year 1 week ago #3496

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Terrorism is a social, not religious phenomenon, but in many cases, terrorists hide their political goals behind religious slogans. They misinterpret the meaning of religious reserves that they can talk about religious terrorism.

Currently, it is very beneficial for certain forces to represent Islam in a false light. Such a distorted perception breeds hostility and intolerance, and lately, increasing hostility and fear towards Muslims. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism: neither the goals nor the methods of those who resort to violence to achieve political goals cannot be justified by the Qur'an and Sunnah. Islam declares inviolable the lives and property of people, even if they do not profess the religion of Islam, but live in peace with Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "A person who killed an unbeliever who has concluded a peace treaty with Muslims will not even feel the fragrance of Paradise despite the fact that it extends for a distance of forty years."

Islam considers terrorist acts as serious crimes against humanity and the spread of iniquity on earth, which is strictly forbidden by the Koran. The Koran says that the one who kills an innocent person, as if killed all the people. If a person dares to take a life like himself contrary to the prohibition of Allah, then this means that he indulges his bad desires and is ready to kill anyone. That is why this sin is considered as equivalent to the murder of all mankind. The Koran calls the killing of innocent people and looting on the roads “a battle against Allah and His Messenger” (al-Ma'ida surah, ayat 33). Taking hostages and explosions in public places, intimidating civilians and undermining public stability is a much more serious crime than robbery on the roads, and therefore terrorism is one of the most serious crimes. Its severity is aggravated by the fact that women and children are often the victims of terrorist acts. But Islam prohibits encroachment on their life even in wartime. Neither appeals to jihad, nor even unjust actions of non-believers towards Muslims can serve as a justification for such actions. The Quran says that we should not allow anyone to hate us to push for injustice.

Some extremists call themselves fundamentalists, although followers of true Islam deny the principles of fundamentalism, especially with arms in their hands. Tragically lost, at the hands of the enemies of Islam, in 1998 Mufti Sayyidmuhammad-haji Abubakarov described fundamentalism in his speech: “Islam is a beautiful building built on a solid foundation of faith, it has good walls consisting of four mazhabs (schools) and strong the roof of the Sufi sheikhs and Alimov. Why remove the roof, destroy the walls and return to the foundation again? These people want to be called fundamentalists (that is, in their understanding - advocates of the foundations of Islam) and they do not bear anything except harm to Islam. Wearing an untidy beard, short pants and saber-rattling is not Islam!”

The Holy Quran says (interpretation of the meaning): “Do not kill the soul that Allah forbade killing, unless you have a right to do so. Allah has commanded you ... ”[Quran 6: 151]. Islam respects all forms of life on earth. However, the inviolability of human life is given special importance. The first and most important fundamental right of a human being is the right to life. The Holy Quran says (interpretation of the meaning): "For this reason, we ordered the sons of Israel: Whoever kills a person not for a killing or spreading wickedness on earth, he seemed to have killed all people, and who will save the life of man, he seemed to have saved all people. ”[Quran 5:32]. The value of human life is so great that Allah equates the unjust selection of even one life as all of humanity. Thus, the Quran clearly prohibits the killing of a person.

Depriving the life of a criminal by law enforcement agencies in order to establish justice is a necessary element in ensuring the right of order, stability and security in society. But only an authorized and competent court can decide whether an individual has lost his right to life due to the violation of the right to life of other people. Even during hostilities, Islam prescribes a fair and noble attitude towards the enemy on the battlefield. Islam drew a clear line of distinction between the belligerents and the peaceful population of the enemy country. The civilian population includes women, children, the elderly, etc. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade the soldier to kill women and children and advised them: {... Do not torture, do not betray, do not be excessive and do not kill babies}. He also banned torture by fire. Thus, the civilian population is guaranteed safety of life even in a situation when their country is at war with an Islamic state.
A true Muslim does not accept terror and extremism in any form. And if someone hopes to achieve a good goal, doing evil and bringing unhappiness to people, then he has already gone astray. Islam serves the salvation and well-being of man and society, and for this, peace should be established in the soul of every believer. This makes him wise and strong, able to bring people good and resist violence.
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