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How To... 6 years 6 months ago #660

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Ear candles have been used as a safe and effective home remedy for cleaning ears that is basically made of beeswax.
It is very very simple to use, but this procedure requires two persons, so you will face some interesting and funny experience with fire :)
All you have to do is:

1. Size the small end of the candle to fit in your ear. Use the scissors to trim the end, making the opening slightly larger so it fills the ear canal. Make sure the opening is passable. There should be a clear pathway from one end of the candle to the other.

2. Get the position. Lay on your side. Place the candle in the ear that is facing upward.

3. Carry out steps to prevent the possibility of fire or burns. Put a hole the size of the end of the ear candle in a piece of tin foil or a tin pan. Fit the candle into this hole and hold it up over the ear being cleaned. Next, dampen a small towel and place it around your head and hair.

4. Position the small end of the candle securely in your ear and keep it in a vertically upright way.

5. Let the candle burn to within 3 - 4 inches. Have your assistant helping you at this.

6. After the candle has burned down so there is only about 3 inches left, your helper should extinguish the candle in the cup of water.

7. Clean the visible part of the year with a cotton tip.

So, that is all you have to do.
Actually, after buying ear candles, you will be able to read the percept inside it's pack.

Have a relaxing time :)
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How To... 6 years 5 months ago #772

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I’ve used them. It was so new and odd for me. I felt something warm and heard some kind of champing in my ear. But my assistant - my wife - didn’t play her role well and I had some wax on my cheek. :angry: It wasn’t very painful, but very unpleasant and sticky. All procedure took 15 minutes or so for one ear. And at the end I saw big, I would even say, huge earwax. :sick: I’d never supposed that my ears could have so much space for it. Being shocked with the size – like my thumb nail, but thicker- I was determined to see what I have in my left ear. This time it went off without a hitch. This time it didn’t look so awful, it was even less. Looking at both pieces extracting out of my ears I thought, “What else does my body hide from me?”
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How To... 5 years 10 months ago #2416

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I have used this era candles, as well and had a wonderful experience using them.
It is something so warming and pleasant...I was imagining I am sitting on an armchair and was listening to the fireplace..this candles are emiting absolutely the same sound.

It was written the whole procedure should be done with an assistant, who will take care so the wax doesn't burn the skin or so..but I did everything by myself, using a mirror and it was excellent.

I liked a lot this experience of candling and found a lot of earwax hiding in my ears.
Any way, it's says we should use it not rather than once per month, even once per two months.

Happy earcandling, everybody :)
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