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TOPIC: Is it Ok to Question Bible?

Is it Ok to Question Bible? 5 years 5 months ago #2622

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Hello, guys. My question sounds the following way – is it ok to question Bible? Every night I started reading Bible for the last several days. And I am a baptized Orthodox Christian from my very birth. But I never actually was too much into the Bible writings. And now when I started reading it, I got so confused at some points.
On the questions of marriage for example, it seems that in the Bible marriage is put higher even when the love itself. It plays a very important role. But is it fine to continue marriage even when you don’t love your husband or wife anymore??? Is not this sin against love? Because love is something that cannot be controlled by humans.
Also, I still can’t understand how come that the only possible way to God is through Christ. To me, there seems to be one thousand things in our daily life where we can feel God- when we feel love, when we watch the sunrise, the sunset and other beautiful things. When we sit silently listening to our hearts, we feel very close to God. And it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ at those moments. It is just feeling some divine. Or those conditions can be an illusion according to the Bible?
It is true that it is very strict and states that a person is born sinful. But how fair is that? To be born sinful and to spend your life looking for salvation? It seems like a slavery world to me if thinking like that. And on the other hand, life is so beautiful. Could it be so beautiful for a sinful man? And how can a sinful man be a creating of God?
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