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TOPIC: Testimony from Galiya

Testimony from Galiya 7 years 11 months ago #88

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Dear All,
This is a testimony of a young lady who was truly blessed to meet Nikolai almost 6 yrs ago. I subscribed to a Russian magazine " Zdorov'e" and was going through pages. I saw an ad for Nikolai and decided to call. I was only 22 back then and was in abusive relationships with my boyfriend. It was only 2 yrs after I moved to states and slowly from an independent smart girl I turned into helpless creature who thought that there was no life if my boyfriend left me. We lived together; it's hard to tell how much I could put myself down to please him. Nikolai started to work with me and told me from the very beginning that it's karmic and I need to leave him. I do not know how it happened; it was painful but two months later after all the tears I found a way with Nikolai's help to leave the 2 yrs old relationship and go stay with my friend. I was broke financially and partially depressed first but then I would feel some lift. It was weird: I would drive and suddenly everything would seem beautiful, life smelled good again, I was anxious to spread my wings and prepare fly. You would wonder how is it possible, I had no job ( my boyfriend was my employer), no house (I went to stay with my girlfriend after I moved out), school tuition I had to pay for out of my pocket. I honestly do not know how it all happened but from working with Nikolai, within two month of me moving out, I rented a new apartment, bought a new car ( my exboyfriend melted down after I left and cosigned for me, I know that was Nikolay's work), finished my semester with As, and a month later was able to be dating new people. It's amazing how energy really changed, I lived in Missouri where people are pretty prejudice but suddenly my accent became attractive and guys would follow me everywhere, my friends started to call me and invite me to all the social activities. I must confess that the prayer I did for 21 days did miracles, everything I imagined happened. I received checks in the mail with money from school, refunds and etc, the higher power was all supporting me and telling me that I am protected. There was nothing to fear. I received an offer to apply to a job that as a foreign college student was hard to imagine I would ever land it, it was one of the 500 fortune companies. Guess what! There were 200 people they hired that summer. Three month later only 50 left, one year later only 10, two yrs later only four among which was me. I was the best employee of the month a few times, again it depended on the number of sales I had, and I do not know how, with that super heavy Russian accent I could always remain in the top ten of the company. Well I do know, it was constant hard work from Nikolai ‘s side. It's funny, I used to call him very often first and he always used to tell me, even if you do not hear from me, I am still working. There were days when I knew it was his work that was present in the moment. I have so many stories that I can not list them all here, this is already quite long confession To wrap it up, I visited Nikolai in New York a year later, it was great to meet him and Kira, I had a bless! We worked for one more year, and then there was a gap. I called Nikolai this fall again when I found out that my local office will be closing and I will need help looking for a new one. I worked with Kira for a few weeks and I got a new job three days before my last day at the previous office, what a surprise! Kira is very strong to work on the situation. I haven’t talked to her for a few weeks when I got a call from Nikolai. You see when he worked with you he really becomes your egregor, he can feel your thoughts I think and support you if he feels it’s needed. I had a dinner with my friend who is very into occult things and after a few margaritas I agreed to the consultation/reading with her friend who was our waiter. Long story short I never received the reading but was told by my girlfriend who obviously wanted to rip me off that the card reader started to do the love spell on my boss and I will need to pay him next week. Of course my reaction was to send them all to hell, which I did However, the thought that he could put some curse on me didn’t let me sleep for a day or two. I am a big believer in God, and I know I have greater angels that will take care of me but I felt that I messed up and most importantly I was looking for signs if my bosses behavior would change. Sure enough, two days later I have Nikolai call me, I wasn’t surprised, he knows me for almost 6 yrs and he feels my energy change, and I haven’t spoken to him for couple months. Now we are working on not having any negative interactions and correcting some things that I could have received from interacting with negative people.
Here is just a list of things that Nikolai worked with me with and that all were a great success: my Mom’s drinking, my attorney, me receiving green card/citizenship, being a top performer at work, getting my degree, making good money. Wait, I forgot to tell, that a year after I left my boyfriend when I was 22, I am 28 now; he came with the marriage proposal on my birthday, even though we broke up a year before. You say a miracle/coincidence? I say Nikolai corrected our karmic relationship.
Thank you for reading this long testimony and except my congratulations that you crossed the roads with such a create miracle worker as Nikolai Pokrov.
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Re: Testimony from Galiya 7 years 11 months ago #89

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Thank you Galiya. God bless you and your karma.
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Testimony from Galiya 6 years 3 months ago #1371

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Thank you for sharing your testimony galiahm!
I think that’s how we can grow ourselves while learning from other people about their experiences, especially during difficult times. When one faces difficult relationships with other people especially those closest to us, loss of job, accommodation, being in an unfamiliar environment and lots of other life’s hard times everyone would need someone to lean on. It is wonderful that you had met Nikolai at this depressive stage of your life and he gave a helping hand. Very often so called friends are only around when everything is going great, when there are parties, fun, money and other pleasures of this life. And once we are faced with a real struggle they all disappear. As it is said prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. Prayer always helps. And we don’t have to wait for some problems to appear in order to pray. It is how we talk to God. And I believe you can talk even if everything is fine, just to be thankful to God for everything he has done and is doing in your life. One of my friends is praying even when she is driving and in a hurry to get somewhere. And there is a green traffic light indicating you can drive further without having to wait. Even this is a blessing because God knows you need to be somewhere and do something and he shows you a green light.

I hope that your relationships with your boyfriend are better now, galiahm, perhaps you are even married. It is often that after losing someone or something you realize how much value it means. And looks like he realized after you’re gone how much these relationships meant to him. No one, definitely, shouldn’t humiliate her/himself to please others. If it is true love and it is meant by God to be together, then your partner will accept you as you really are.
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