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TOPIC: Why is acutouch not the same as acupuncture?

Why is acutouch not the same as acupuncture? 6 years 2 months ago #1266

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Acupuncture and acutouch are really similar methods as they involve treatments of the same key locations of the body. However, instead of needles acutouch therapist uses his thumb and forefinger. If the therapist is a whiz the result is the same as after acupuncture which cures various disorders, speeds up recovery and eliminates stress.
The acutouch is a subject in almost every Chinese school. You shouldn’t have special medical education to apply acutouch. Anyone who knows simple and easy rules of acutouch can help himself. However there is still no any evidence that acutouch helps to cure cancer or other heavy diseases.
Acutouch releases and removes disordes of different organs and nervous depressions. And what is really important that it is not possible to infect the body with a finger.People who use acupuncture can be infected in case of bad hygiene.
Nowadays there are more than thousand of active points known by acutouch therapists and it is not the end!

Types of points
Locations of the points are well known. All points of acutouch and acupuncture lay on the 14 meridians having studied in the Ancient times and having their own names and fields of treatment.

Harmonized points
They are located in the beginning and the end of the meridians. Pressing these points you can harmonize work of all parts of the body covered by the exact meridian.

Incentive points
Every meridian has only one incentive point. Pressing these points you can activate energy of the whole body.

Soothing points
They balance work of the nervous system. Stimulating them you can feel very pleasant emotions. Every internal organ has its own alarm point. It you stimulate them in a right manner, you can lessen suffering and release pain.

Special points
They should be used only by educated and well-experienced therapist. They are used to cure diseases in accordance with specific rules.

Main rules of acutouch
Before doing any acutouch stimulations, you should find appropriate time. Be sure none will bother you. Then sit or lay down and relax.
Every point has a zone for stimulating. The diameter of each zone is about ½ inch. You can identify more exact location only feeling pain or how pain goes from one point to another.
After that, put forefinger on the point you want to stimulate and press it. You should press it harder step-by-step and forefinger should go around clockwise. One point should be stimulated from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
You can see curative effect at once or some time later. You can do acutouch several times a day.
Here are some points connected with widespread diseases.

Alarm points
Alarm points or mo-points. Every part of the body is connected with the specific point. If the part of the body is in disorder, its point will be detected differently then in the situation of the healthy part of the body. This helps to make right diagnosis. For example, stomach disorders results in paint in the point on the belly, in case of kidneys’ disease , the point is located in the law back.
If the disease is only on the first stage pressing its points will regulate work of the diseased body part. General rule: if you press the point and feel slight pain, you should press this point according to the acutouch rules.
Many years of practice and application of acutouch say that there is no side effects.

Nine magic points

To prevent running nose, sore throat and inflammation of other parts of the body, you need to massage 9 magic points. They are zones connected with the main regulators of internals. This massage boosts immune system.
This massage is easy to do for children and parents. You should do it 3 times a day for 3 seconds (9 spins clockwise and 9 spins counterclockwise). If you feel pain in a zone, you should massage it every 40 minutes until pain releases.
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Why is acutouch not the same as acupuncture? 6 years 2 months ago #1369

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Wow, thank you for this extraordinarily informative post, Yongruy! I had no idea that acutouch even existed. I've always been scared to try acupuncture, because the idea of sticking needles into myself and leaving them there just freaks me out, but this uses similar principles in a much less disturbing sort of way. Just a quick question, have you tried this yourself, Yongruy? Or do you know people who have? I'm always a little wary before trying out a new kind of alternative therapy, just because there are so many bullshit ones. Moreover, even if this does work well, do you think I can do it myself following your guide, or would it be better to rather go to a qualified acupuncturist? They'd be able to do this, yes?

Thank you for starting a fascinating discussion topic!
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