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TOPIC: How It Works

How It Works 6 years 4 months ago #684

  • lucky star
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You won't find it on any official map and you won't know when you cross the line, but according to different theories, the Bermuda Triangle is a very real place where dozen of ships, planes and people have disappeared with no explanation.

Years along many guesswork have been offered to explain the mystery. Some writers have expanded upon Berlitz's ideas about Atlantis, saying that the mythical city may lie at the bottom of the sea and it is using its famous "crystal energies" to submerge ships,planes and people. Other more suggestions include time portals and UFO — including rumors of underwater alien bases.

Talking about The Devil's Sea, also called the Formosa Triangle, is located off the coast of Japan in a region of the Pacific around Miyake Island, about 110 miles south of Tokyo. Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea doesn't appear on any official maps, but the name is used by Japanese fishermen. The area is also known for strange disappearances of people and various objects.
Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea is the only other area where a compass doesn't show true magnetic field.
One popular theory is that volcanic activity around the area, particularly an underwater volcano, could be responsible for the disappearances.

In this day of GPS navigation, it's hard to imagine a ship or plane could actually disappear. However, there have been some recent disappearances attributed to the Bermuda Triangle:
DC-3 N407D, lost on September 21, 1978
Fighting Tiger 524, lost on February 22, 1978
Beechcraft N9027Q, lost on February 11, 1980
Ercoupe N3808H, lost on June 28, 1980
Beech Bonanza, lost on January 6, 1981
Piper Cherokee N3527E, lost on March 26, 1986
Grumman Cougar Jet, lost on October 31, 1991
Jamanic K motor vessel, lost en route from Cape Haitian to Miami on March 20, 1995
Genesis motor vessel, disappeared en route from Port of Spain, Trinidad to St. Vincent on April 21, 1999
Cessna 210, drops off radar from Freeport to Nassau on June 14, 1999
I am gonna win!
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How It Works 6 years 5 hours ago #1495

  • vapor
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Thank you lucky star for such an informative article! To be honest I haven’t heard about the Bermuda Triangle for ages. I guess there were more important news for radio, TV and mass media to report about. But I can recall that once I did watch a documentary on TV about this Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately I don’t remember many details related to it, like what it was called or what were the names etc. I guess it can be about The "Philadelphia Experiment".There was a ship that got lost in the very same Bermuda Triangle. And it was said that this whole area is not just about a mystic disappearance of objects like ships, or planes, or living creatures, I mean us, people. There is a suggestion about an existence of time travelling possibility in this mysterious territory! They said there was a ship that actually disappeared for several hours, fro nearly 4 hours in fact! The ship returned back only four hours later with some of the crew members on the board being on fire! The other went mad or had a stroke, or even became dead. But that is not all bad news. Many people became a part of the ship being absorbed into the deck or walls of the ship! And 5 people even fused into the metal frame! The crew claimed they went into a different world and saw unknown creatures. The question is where was the ship for 4 hours? We don’t know the right answer on that question of course! We can only guess. Some people think it went 40 years ahead in the city of Montauk, New York. Yes I agree that “in this day of GPS navigation, it's hard to imagine a ship or plane could actually disappear”. I think more research needs to be done into this area to stop people from sudden disappearance. What exactly is the source of trouble? Is it a crystal energies from Atlantis, a Volcano or something else? Hopefully one day we will know for sure!
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How It Works 5 years 11 months ago #1659

  • SkyBlue
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I think this is very interesting topic, because I heard a lot of story about it in my life. A lot of movies were filmed on this theme. A lot of broadcasts were filmed. And more than dozen were discussed.
Some of it says that people, ships and planes that disappeared there were taken by aliens. But I think that it unbelievable, because it is stupid to take all people from one place, it will be smarter to take ships and planes from different places. At least I would do so if I was aliens. :)
Another theory considers that Bermuda triangle is a portal to another world. Also sound like a fairy tale.
One more theory is moving through holes in the time or fault in the space. But in my opinion it is also unlikely. Why did this hole appear only in that territory? It doesn’t sound like a truth.
And no one of this theory isn’t proved. Some people trying to find a scientific explanation. And it is more realistic. One of this is methane emissions. Another one is infrasound. I think it is interesting theory and can be truth. We do not fully study the frequency fluctuations. It is assumed that in some conditions the sea can generate infrasound, which has an impact on the members of the crew, causing panic as a result of which they leave the ship.
And what is even more real disappearance in this region are caused by poor weather conditions and bad relief. This is called natural causes. There are frequent cyclones and storms, a large number of shallow. Naturally, all this leads to the complicated conditions and disasters.
Skeptics argue that mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle are greatly exaggerated. Ships and aircraft are killed in other parts of the world, sometimes without a trace. Sometimes broken radio or sudden disaster can prevent the crew to signal about disasters. But after that searching the wreckage in the sea - not an easy task, especially in a storm, or when the crash is unknown.
Also in this area is credited with the crash, which occurred far from there. And all this distort the statistics.
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How It Works 5 years 11 months ago #1688

  • Big bang
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The ocean is mysterious by itself. This is a hostile to human element. But there are some areas where the fear surpasses. That place is the Bermuda Triangle. People consider that majority of mysterious ships despairing had happened in there.
However, many critics say (and I thin so) that the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle does not occur more often than in other parts of the world ocean and can be explained by natural causes. U.S. Coast Guard and the insurance market Lloyd's have same opinion.
By the way, ships disappear around the world and some people believe that cause for the death of some ships, including the Bermuda Triangle area can be so called "migrating wave" which may be considered to reach a height of 30 m.
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How It Works 5 years 9 months ago #2193

  • Julmerk
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More than a hundred aircraft and ships with crews and passengers on board to inexplicably disappeared in the vicinity of the coast of Florida is notorious so-called Bermuda Triangle. What a strange and sinister force operating in the area?

It was December 5, 1945. Fourteen pilots of the 19th Squadron took their seats five fighter-bomber Navy U.S.. At 2:00 pm the aircraft climbed from its base to take part in exercises over the Atlantic.

Overall, the pilots had to be fifteen. But one of them with quite good reason was allowed to be absent from the teachings.
Squadron, led Lt. Charles Taylor, making allowances for the light north-east wind, wrapped in the east, toward the Bahamas.

Planes, each of which was fuel for 1,000 miles (stock adjusted for any errors), had to fly 160 miles to the east, then to turn north, then take a course to the south- west and return to base. During the flight, the pilots were trained in throwing bombs at targets located on the coast in areas under the strange name shallow chicks.

Since bombers and their crews as the water sank.
However, as it obviously was, because 16th of may, 1991 American treasure hunters, trying to discover Spanish halyon have made an amazing discovery. Floating away from the research ship, they found the aircraft (or rather what is left of them ) disappeared many years ago Squadron. This discovery gave rise to legends about one of the world's grandest mysteries - puzzle Bermuda Triangle.

Sailors differently called Bermuda Triangle, "Triangle of Death," "sea, bringing trouble", "graveyard of the Atlantic".
For centuries travelers have suddenly got it here in mysterious calm, the sudden storms of rage.

Even Christopher Columbus, being in this part of the ocean, wrote in his
logbook, the team noted in particular water, emitting light spots. This mysterious glow - light spots on the water, covered with foam - regularly seen today. Sometimes this glow is so strong that it can be seen even from space.

Strange calm , whirlpools and sudden storms - all this told daredevils who have visited in the danger zone. Just as inexplicable malfunction of all instruments, the compass that fucking turned, local weather deterioration, airmen who kicked astray. On the mysterious changes in the environment, warned mysterious yellow mist. :(
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How It Works 5 years 8 months ago #2456

  • Jenkins
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Myths, myths, myths! :)
‘The evidence of Bermuda Triangle’s ability to sink ships etc. is supported by numerous cases of ship sinking accidents.’
I do not think that there is somebody, who can tell that he saw how it works.
Anyway, there is a documentary (can find it on the internet if needed) where group of scientists imitated the Triangle conditions. Their experiment was based on the theory of natural gas explosions that possible could take place under the water in the same time when the ships were above it. Ascending gas masses reduced water density and ships could not be able to float.
I am not a scientist but I think that this is the most upright theory among all because it is supported by the real experiment.
Another theory says that such accidents happen because of seaweeds. I’m not able to imagine how seaweeds can affect ships but some people still think that they can be harmful for floating ships above.
Moreover, I think that there is no such problem in the Bermuda Triangle or at least it is not so bad. In the world of mass panic it has become one more thing to believe in and to panic a little bit.
Is there any documented accident? Are there any witnesses of ‘magical ship sinking’? I don’t think so.
Also, I’ve seen another film about planes crashed there. I still cannot understand what it was about. I mean how it can be connected to the Bermuda Triangle even if the planes went throw it because, as you all know, planes fly – not float! : )
Let’s think controversially. How many ships cross the Triangle each day? Do they have any kind of prohibition connected to it? I don’t think. More than that, I don’t think that nobody floats there.
We have some ‘facts’ and we have some ‘opinions’ but we do not have real evidence. That is why I don’t believe in such magic.
Pure love saves the planet!
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