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TOPIC: African Christianity

African Christianity 5 years 11 months ago #1452

African Christianity is a generic name for churches and sects, which combine the Christianity and traditional African beliefs.

African Christianity arose in the end of XIX century, when in 1882 in South Africa, in Cape Colony, the former Methodist preacher N. Thiele has created so-called "Church of Tembe."

African Christianity reaches its peak in the first half of the XX century. It opposes "black Christianity" to the “white Christianity”, considering as the religion of the colonialists. African Christianity proclaims Africans as God's chosen and accuses the Europeans in distorting the true Christianity.

All of the positive characters of the Bible and even Jesus Christ himself considered by African Christians as having black skin. Same time, devil, demons and negative characters are often describing with a white skin.

The main idea of the African Christianity is the belief in a supreme abstract celestial deity – so-called demiurge, who detached from human vanity. Sometimes Jesus Christ is announced as the messenger of such a God.

Faith in the predictions made by human in many different ways , cult of ancestors , belief in spirits , fetishism , even polygamy which is permitted were added to the African Christianity from the traditional African religion.

African Christianity represented by many types, churches and sects, weaving the variety of indigenous religions and different aspects of the Christianity.

In general, it is dividing into several major groups: adapted Christianity sects, messianic sects, pagan- Christian sects, Ethiopian sects («black" churches) and so -called Old Testament sect. Some of these types can be attributed to several of these groups.

African Christianity also includes the religious trends that emerged in African beliefs existed during the colonial era in Central and South America, such as Macumba (Brazil), Voodoo and Santeria (Caribbean), Rastafarian (Jamaica), etc.

At the end of the XX century, about 40 million people belonged to more than 7 thousand African Christianity sects existing in Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil and the United States. Together with Islam, Christianity is now one of the two most widely practiced religions in Africa and there is the main quantity of believers nowadays in the world.
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African Christianity 5 years 8 months ago #2134

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I think that the main reason why some people in Africa practice Christianity as their main religion is the missionary work of people from the west. Being pagans initially looks like they mixed the practices of their African ancestors with what the Gospel teaches. But then what these people believe and do can’t be from God. Well perhaps the cult of ancestors helps not ot forget those who were before you, but where in the Bible it actually says that people must practice and be involved in the cults? Isn’t it from the distant past where people worshipped the sun, moon, dead, animals and other things of this world in their tries to reach God? I know some parts in Africa have catholic Christianity, some Africans practice Islam. Again it is all done largely thanks to missionaries from the western countries where their churches send them to reach out more people in the far away places of the earth. I find it a bit funny that “devil, demons and negative characters are often describing with a white skin”. Well actually I think that all these beings are able to take on any colour and any form. And if are t think all white people are bad and all black ones are good, then I don’t know it is just being superficial and nothing more. The main thing that matters is the state of our heart, what persons we are inside, not what you see outside really.
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