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ТЕМА: Some advice on how to remove spiritual beings

Some advice on how to remove spiritual beings 6 года 4 мес. назад #1264

  • Lilly
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Does anyone have a story about being disturbed by some spiritual beings?

Meanwhile i would like to share some advice on how to protect yourself from evil spiritual beings.

1) Take good care of your energy body

Remember that spiritual beings crawl in when we are hurt and traumatized. They feed off our fears and confusion. Taking drugs and drinking alcohol makes us even more vulnerable, thats a green light for them to go, especially if you abuse alcohol or take drugs chronically. You should also take care of your thoughts and your mood, keep yourself busy with what makes you happy and avoid stress and confusion. You may need Reike, or some other techniques, to clean your energy.

2) Reclaim your space

If you think that they are invading your living space, you should think about cleaning it spiritually.
Start with sending them away in your thoughts and strengthening your boundaries. Imagine a bubble of light all around you, filled with God's energy. If you are christian, invite a priest. Ask the help of archangel Michael yourself, praying is an effective way to protect yourself and you space.

3) Be careful and selective when asking for help

There are many charlatans out there. Its not also not recommendable to mix different traditions. If you are christian, don't ask shamans to come to your space.

4) Be strong and failthful
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Some advice on how to remove spiritual beings 6 года 1 нед. назад #2292

  • Ruby
  • Ruby аватар
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Thank you Lilly! These are very good advices! I hope that many people who are disturbed by the spiritual beings will find them helpful. I agree that in every situation we must remain strong and faithful even though it might be very difficult! What is good is when friends, relatives and other people important in our life can also be with us when we experience a difficult time. They can be a great support and help and pray as well to get rid of the worrying and troubling things. Yes I have also heard that people recommend to invite a priest, a father or other person responsible for dealing with such things in a church, a temple and other religious establishment. However if you know someone who is not a priest but a strong believer then they can also help and if you are a believer yourself, then just pray to God and ask for help. I know that Christian father can use holy water, by sprinkling it in the room and praying they remove the beings and other negative things. I never heard about asking for help of Archangel Michael, and why exactly this Angel? And why you ca not ask God for help? He created angels and other things so he would have the power and authority over everyone and everything!
Love and be loved!
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Some advice on how to remove spiritual beings 6 года 1 нед. назад #2311

  • Kitnis
  • Kitnis аватар
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I think that if there are spiritual beings, then there is our guardian angels, it is impossible that evil creatures existed, and the good one does not exist. So first of all we need to contact our thoughts to Guardian Angel. Because they all life follow us and help us. And apart from that I think we need to be calm. Because when a person is calm he has a very good strong aura through which any malicious user does not penetrate. Sometimes, I think, calm - this is the secret of success.
Sometimes it happens when you're jinxed. Whammy - it is generally a very strong thing. So first of all you shouldn’t tell anyone about your plans otherwise nothing will work.
Moreover, you write correctly, we need to stay strong, despite whatever situation does not occur, we must be strong. Sometimes it is very hard, but we are the people and we have to overcome difficulties. The man who is struggling with setbacks acquires strength and endurance, and it's very important.
And also I am agree with you that spirits can get to us when we are vulnerable, so we must always be careful and look after our health as well as moral and body, because when you're vulnerable , you're easily hurt, and if you always healthy and all react calmly, then you become a little vulnerable.
And never fear, the fear is killing us. When we are afraid, we again become vulnerable and weak. I think there is nothing in life that we could not survive, because God gives us the strength test. And if we are not able to make some kind of test in our lives and we are not given it. So afraid of something in this life, it's not so smart. Better act.
And if your life is dominated by fear, then you should learn to fight against it, and ideally defeat him. To do this, first we have to understand what we afraid in life. Ask yourself a few questions, such as why I am afraid, and what will happen if your fear become reality. And often giving the answer yourself these questions, we understand that life does not end on this fear, and that all can be experienced and our fear is not so scary.
Many people are afraid of failure for example, but if you change the point of view and look at failure as something positive, then you will understand that it is due to failures we are making progress. Because this difficult and thorny path to success is made up of failures. And we don’t be afraid of it, because it is experienced by everybody. And more if you don’t begin something new because of the fear of failure, you not start a new business or new adventure, you will hardly ever achieve success once. You need to remove the fear of your soul, and to perceive the failure as something that will help you succeed in the future.
People constantly feel fear, for whatever reason. Sometimes it happens that there are real reasons to fear, sometimes the reason is invented, but people who constantly feel fear are usually very vulnerable. And if you really want to be strong you have to overcome this fear in yourself and then you will not be not vulnerable for spiritual beings.
Then, I also agree with you that you need constantly scour the space around you. Both physically and mentally. Because each item carries its energy, and if you keep some old things, then it has so inveterate and bad energy that it will better throughout these things. Especially because we do not often use old things, but they are just in specially cases. Same thing happens with our thoughts; we must get rid of old bad thoughts, which carry a negative and something bad. Because our thoughts shape our lives, and if our thoughts are negative, then this is the life, because it is exactly that what we think about.
Indeed to become spiritually strong meditation is very helpful. In meditation we must constantly imagine yourself in safe and protected by God and his angels, then it will keep you feeling so in everyday life, but not only during meditation. Therefore, you can strengthen your aura and become stronger both internally and spiritually.
Generally, I think that the moral and physical condition is very much related. If a person is spiritually strong, sustained, quiet, and then he will be physically healthy. The same hand, if a person engages in sports, different physical exercises or yoga, and then it will be morally strong, because any sport it teaches spiritual strength. This will tell you any athlete. For example, when I was involved in sports, we are taught primarily discipline, spiritual power, not to complain about the problems, all overcome. We were always told, you're an athlete, you have to be strong. In any case, you can’t whine or show weakness. You all must experience within yourself and be strong, because you are the support for the family, for the relatives. And if the family in difficult times will see that you are crying, whining, and that you feel bad, then what are you going to support them then?
If even the strongest man is sad, then everyone else will getting worse. And if you do not let fear get in your soul, then you are not afraid of spirits, because you are strong inside and you can all to survive. You have to be strong, for your family. If we all can be strong, then it will be easier to live with each other. Because when one person feel bad it can transmitted to other person. So I wish you all, be strong and do sport.
I love this world!!
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