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ТЕМА: What you see when watching others

What you see when watching others 4 года 5 мес. назад #2883

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I have decided to start this new topic after yesterday's reading a short story "The laundry is not very clean".

Have you ever read it? I recommend to read :)
The author concluded: and so it is with life… What we see when watching others depends on the clarity of the window through which we look..."
As for me I would added: also depends on the clarity of our heart

And what do you think?
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What you see when watching others 4 года 4 мес. назад #2914

  • Valery
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I’ve not read the book you mention about, but now I’m curious to do it… The words you say have a very deep sense. I’ve been thinking about WHAT I SEE WHEN I WHAT OTHER PEOPLE a lot of times… Sometimes I felt that I feel a person I see, perceiving him/her inner world. But I stopped myself, I am not an psychic or healer, then why should I do it? The clarity of our window through which we what others – I like this expression. I guess many of us what by hearts, and then we are able to see inner world of a person. But there are ones who prefer to see only outer world: how are your forms, how trendy your duds, etc. I know people who cavil about minor points in other persons. They always find what to criticize, it seems that they what other people through their critical window….
I guess AGata is right; the clarity of our window depends on the clarity of our heart. Angry heart will be able to see disadvantages. I think that there people who were imposed their window, I mean they replaced their own window by the window of some other person. For instance, one was told by a person A that the person B is stupid, then the one will watch the person B as stupid, though he may not be stupid at all....
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