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ТЕМА: Tantra. True or False?

Tantra. True or False? 6 года 2 нед. назад #2201

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Tantra is a kind of topic environed by disinformation and misunderstandings. Here are some facts and fallacies regarding this system of beliefs.

1.Tantra is a new trend with sexual character.
False. Tantra has been known more than a thousand years ago.

2.Tantra was invented by Americans.

False. Tantra was a wellknown practice in ancient India and Tibet. Actually, Americans were in that number of people who discovered Tantra very late.

3.Hindu Tantra is mostly focused on rituals and customs than the Buddhist version of Tantra does.

True, but just for rituals regarding sex.

4.People who practice Tantra are believed have a unserious behavior and unsafe sexual practices.

False. While there are always some exceptions in any religion and people, most Tantrics are very need and mindful about their health as well as considering safe sex practices to be of supreme priority.

5.Tantra involves wizardry, witchery and black magic.

False. It's not about all Tantrics, I would say the minimal part of it. Actually ancient people were thinking like this leading to wrongful preconception against Tantrics. That's true that there are some Tantric sects which involves such things, but there are just a few.

6.Tantra stresses illegible behavior.

False. Tantra stimulates people to follow whatever sexual way they feel and they think is true to their soul. Tantrics include celibates, monogamous couples, couples who practice polyamory, and people of other manners of life.

7.Tantra is the religion that strictly requires its followers to refuse other religions.

False and No way. Tantra is not actually considered a religion. It is more a system of philosophical beliefs. It is practiced by people of all different religious views. There is no need to reject your current religion in order to be accepted by the Tantric fellowship.

8.It is believed taoists should ejaculate as often as possible to prove his virility.

False as well. Ejaculation was viewed as a waste of extreme precious life forces, and was believed to be repealed whenever it is possible, mostly in past centuries.

9.The KamaSutra is a Tantric sexual guide.

False. Although the two techniques are often considered linked with each other, the Kama Sutra was from the very beginning a guide for relationships between men and women, including sexual positions. Sure it can include some sexual techniques that can be used during Tantric lovemaking, but it doesn't mean it's the same.

10.Tantra supports strange ceremonies involving sex.

Not really. Maybe just mostly. There is a true point in that ancient Tantras often proceeding to rituals centred on sexual s, but this has largely become a thing of the past. Modern Tantrics is practicing sexual rituals of a positive nature, such as establishing a romantic mood with sensual and erotic massage, or other romantic practices as baths with etheric oils and candles. To my mind, not only tantrics are practicing such "rituals" : )

11.Tantra is practices just by young people.

False again. It doesn't matter how old are you and what religion are you, Tantra is for everybody. They think so because there is an increasing number of young people who discovered tantra for themselves and understood that it is something really interesting and enjoyable. Any way, there is a big number of people of all age category which practices tantra.

12.Tantra is for people from cities.

False. Why should they think like that? People from all over the world are practicing Tantra, no matter where you live in a big or small village, city or megapolis. If there is no tantra If there are no any workshops is not a problem ourdays because you can study Tantra online, and also participate in Web forums and online communities which are thousands.

13.Tantra support good physical health.

True. And that's the point a lot of people from all around the world love Tantra. Imagine, you have 2 in 1:a great phisical shape and a lot of pleasure. There are a lot of practices encouraged by Tantra as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing that can give major physical benefits. Also, as we know, tantra is strongly linked with nature and healthy eating , that's why it can be involved in healthy diets and vegetarianism.

14.Tantra events is welcoming only straight and/or married couples.

False. As I told before, tantra workshops are known for their welcoming and respects everyoane. Generally, people from all lifestyles are welcome. They are also welcoming gays and lesbians, which is OK or not so...each of us has it's own point of view towards it.
one kind word can change someone's entiry day...
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Tantra. True or False? 6 года 2 нед. назад #2260

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The word “Tantra” consists of two words. “Tan” – to extend , to blossom , to spread and “Tra” means a tool , a means . Thus, tantric yoga can be interpreted as a means of expansion and development of consciousness through the of a man and a woman. Yoga works with the deeper aspects of a person. And above all person’s sexuality. Sexual energy is the main vital force of a person. It is the energy of birth and creation, both on the individual level and in a cosmic scale. Sexual energy is the universal energy that is at the same time is the basis of creation. No wonder that people in the East even worship it.
However , the sexual energy expresses itself not only in bed. This is our basic life energy that feeds all biochemical processes in our body. And one of the challenges of the modern world is to change people's attitudes to their sexual energy. An intimate relationship between a man and a woman is the highest level of human relationships.

Do you know why practices of Tantra do no need any direct sexual contact? You may wonder then how can you learn it? Tantra teaches people to be able to love, to give and to receive love. The work with sexual energy does not necessarily mean direct physical contact or being without clothes.
You must change the attitude to the idea of “sexual contact”. Many people think that making love is only just physical contact, with giving and getting physical pleasure. However, this is only one part of sexual relationship. Sexual relationship can be more deep , it includs looks and gestures , and even staying together in one room.
The main purpose of tantra is learning to control, to manage, to direct and deliberately sublimate sexual energy.
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