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ТЕМА: Drugs - a global problem

Drugs - a global problem 6 года 4 мес. назад #861

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Hello! I started this topic to describe the drug problem in detail and to underline yhe great danger that it brings to our society.
From ancient time drugs were used by a lot of people. Those drug were natural ones, but inspite of this fact they killed a lot of lifes and destruyed a lot of families.
In our days this problem has grown a lot and it is still continuing to grow. Now people use natural drugs as well as artificial ones. This bussiness is a world wide one and it is very hard to stop it.
The most dangerous point in drug problem is the fact that the biggest part of people who use drugs are young and and sometimes even underage. They become addicted to this poison from early youth and they continue to use it till the bottom line. The bottom line can be different for everybody depending on physical, material and moral level of the concrete person.
Another dangerous aspect of this problem is the criminal one. We know that any drug costs some money and addicted people need a lot of money to satisfy their addiction. They begin to steal money from their parents and relatives, from shops, supermarkets, other people and finally become criminals. They also become dangerous for society in psycological way. I mean that they don’t control their emotions and feelings.
Also criminals are people who sell thiese drugs. They have an integral system of producing, transporting and selling drugs. Thousands of people are involved in it, including some police officers who don’t respect their duty.
Drug problem appears mostly in poor regions. In poverty some people don’t see their future and they choose this malicious way. They try to escape from material unhapiness and to find easy pleasures, don’t understanding that this pleasure is a kiling one. At the same time we notice that drugs are used as well by rich persons. So a question appears: Which are their reasons?Probably they try to use something different, something that is not allowed to others.
I think that drug problem is apsycological and psysical problem at the same time. People begin to use drugs from psycological motivation (poverty, curiosity) and this motivation is trnsforming in a psysical addiction. In any way it is a great problem which involves all the society and it can be diminuated only by common efforts.
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Drugs - a global problem 6 года 4 мес. назад #880

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The drugs problems really huge. It is really scary how they influence people. They loose their souls and minds.
But why people start using it?
I think there are some reasons,
First of all curiosity, as for me this is the main reason for youth. Teenager thinks "everybody is doing it, I will try only once" and this is beginning of the end :(
And maybe someone tries because of bore and someone tries because of wish to be like everyone else.
And as for every parents thinks how to protect it's child from this horrible thing.
There is no answer. Bit I think rising of child as an independent person, with wide range of interests, with a lot of hobbies and plans may really help.
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