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ТЕМА: Why do we need iridology if we have sonogram, comp

Why do we need iridology if we have sonogram, comp 6 года 1 мес. назад #801

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Iridology is diagnosis by examination of the iris of the eye. It is screening method which let doctor make quick sampling for further elaborated examination if a lot of people need examining for the short period. So preliminary examination is compulsory. What about MRI, CT and sonogram, there is some certain per cent of false negative of false positive conclusions depending on doctor’s qualification but this dependence is less than in case of iridology.
What can we see and what we cannot?
- It is easy to diagnose people with light color of eyes (blue, green, grey).
- Doctor can easily see changes in mammary glands, organs of small pelvis, thyroid glands of women.
- In most cases you can make differential diagnosis (but further additional examination needed) between malignant and innocent tumors.
- But the most important is the power of iridology to find latent diseases including cancerous processes, when lab diagnosis and tool examination are impotent. In most cases they can be found 6 months – 1 year before the clinical confirmation.
- The 1st and the 2nd type of diabetes, vesical calcification, gallstones, kidney’s diseases including latent diseases .
- There some certain difficulties in making diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, blood systems and allergies.
Unfortunately after being researched in details in 1970-s this amazing method wasn’t popular in hospitals and clinics and was compromised by hundreds of iridology specialist which made the same diagnoses to everybody.
In conclusion.
It is a good method of diagnosis if you are sure in qualification of iridology doctor in order to make diagnosis in early cases.
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Why do we need iridology if we have sonogram, comp 5 года 9 мес. назад #1549

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It is such an amazing method! I haven’t heard anything about it. Thank you so much!
I suspect having a cancer however none of modern diagnostic method can find anything, I think I should try this one. The only problem as I understand is to find qualified and experienced iridologist! :whistle:
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