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ТЕМА: The power of prayer

The power of prayer 5 года 8 мес. назад #2959

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a prayer helps me a lot in everything I do, and I always pray, not only when I need help.
I pray even when everything is perfect, I pray for all people who helped me and I pray for my parents they grown me up so lucky person.
I am so a happy because of making thinks works for me and I think my prayers helps me in getting what I want. I do not use old prayers, or some special prayers, I just stay on my knees with my eyes closed and pray as I feel, with simple words.I sometimes crye when I feel it, and I sometimes smile to God, thanking him all the time for all the happiness he gives me each day in my life.
I love this life a lot, and I consider Earth is heaven, just we should understand it and make it like this. We should be thankful for each day and each second of our life and pray for all people- poor or reach, kids or adulta, animals and nature, wheater and everything else that is surrounding us day by day.
I pray for each stone, for each drop of water, for each breath and I am so so thankful we have all this. I pray for those poor kids from Africa, that are dying each second, without knowing who a tru life is, without knowing how is to give a birth to a baby, without knowing how good food tastes like, or clean water tastes like. I really hope there will come one day and all these people will start living happy and reach.
Let's pray for each person on our planet. let's pray for each creature in this Universe, because we are surely not single in this Universe. Let's pray for friendship and understandable and brave people who help each other and who is doing a good think each day, every day in his life. Let's be better and let's find a way that is the best for us and for the whole planet.
The prayers will hekp us in being better and we shouldn't forget we shuold believe in everyone and give a change to even bad people, because they might me good inside. Pray for those who don't care about people, they might be very very unhappy and poor people.
It doesn't matter how you pray or where you pray, it should be done from the botton of your soul.It doesn't mean youo must go to church, or to other place.It doesn't mean you should believe people who are considered saints, or so on. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and start thinking of those good things that happened in your life. of those bad things that happened to you and makes you much stronger. Start thinking positive and help everyone, because everything on this Earch is reciprocal! Each move, each pray, each good or bad think will come back to you. Each smile and each good sense will bring you back the same. Will make you sronger, better and a really really good person!
Pray each day and pray for everything in this life.
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