Welcome everyone to the website of spiritual religious movement Print

Arhipokrovitel Nikolai  Believers in God from  all religions and spiritual practices gather in the Pokrov Movement!

There are many religions, but God is one - choose the right path- Pokrov.

 It is a religion of present and future.

 In this movement we change close ones and our own karma to better.  

The main tasks and directions in Pokrov is to unite believers from different religions into one family. To receive knowledge of true faith in God. Spiritual, energetical, psychological, and other kind of help for those who needs it. The knowledge and usage of extrasensory feeling and our other's, and God's energy. Also, to apply this energy for the everybody's sake.

Anyone who enters  to our website, will receive the knowledge and help. Moreover, the person could help others- who needs it. When we help others – we receive help for ourselves.   Any topics and friends can be found in this website, regarding the religion, alternative medicine, and paranormal. If you did not find necessary topic on this website, you can submit this topic to our  website and find many friends  and those who are interested about this topic.

God is with us- God helps us.