Quiet discrimination, Part 2 Print
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Friday, 06 September 2013 20:22

Discrimination against children is illegal


The fourth year has passed since Pokrovskys’ children are not returned to their family, even though the parents have full parental rights over their children. What is the reason for not returning children for so long time? Although more than two years ago, the court took a decision regarding taking all measures to return the children. Who is interested in keeping the children so long?

Foster Care Supervisor Erik Ulrich and some other ACS (Administration for Children's Services) and SCO Family of Services employees do everything in order not to return the children, bring the issue to the court about deprivation of the Pokrovskys parental rights and further to take parental rights, violating the laws and not carrying out the decisions of the court. All of this you can read and discuss on the forum Help with the situation.

If you have an opinion, suggestions, and requests, you can leave comments - it will add a little value in helping to return the children at home and stop the crimes against Pokrovskys’ children, which are going for 4 years. And to help those children who are in a similar situation, or maybe in the future.

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