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Written by Archipokrovitel Nikolai   
Thursday, 07 March 2019 04:09

Some people in our time are increasingly faced with the question, they say, how to choose for themselves the most suitable, and at the same time, the optimal religion. If you are one of them, then congratulations, because sanity and the ability to think critically, unfortunately, are not the most common qualities in people. In fact, most people do not have the opportunity to consciously approach this issue, because the religion that they adhere to, in 80% of cases, has been imposed on them since childhood, which is rather regrettable.


Personal qualities and the worldview of human nature form the social environment in which a person grew up. In the most common case, the role of this social environment is playing family. A small, innocent, open-minded and not able to differentiate information child receives a huge amount of life experience and knowledge, which its parents and suppliers act as consultants. Literate and reasonable parents - a rarity. There is a tendency more often that parents are pulling a child along in all spheres of life, including religion, thereby instilling in him what they consider necessary. Ask pious Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Orthodox about what religion their child will adhere to, and, of course, they will immediately reply that they are exactly the same as his parents. Poor children are not able to distinguish and define information for themselves - they do not even know what is good and what is bad for them and therefore they have to be guided by the opinion of their parents, which, unfortunately, are far from always aware of certain issues, including religious. Yes, and it is unlikely to challenge the child to succeed. Consequently, a person is formed under the pressure of values and rites imposed on him, which eventually develops into a habit. And in the future to make him doubt the correctness of his views is quite problematic. The fact that since childhood a person is limited in his choices is one of the most serious problems in the world.

Later, after a person grows up under the influence of a religion imposed on him, he most often stops at a crossroads, having gone through a period of personal formation, in which he needs to make a choice - to determine his further actions. As a result, as a rule, there are 2 classic outcomes. The first - a person becomes an ardent fanatic of his religion and turns away from the Gentiles without a drop of thought, and the second outcome, no less pleasant, - the person loses not only an interest in religion but also completely turns away from the faith.

How can all of this be avoided? Very simple. The choice of religion, a person must be consciously approached and do it, preferably, in adulthood. Indeed, with age, both the horizon and the level of solidarity, along with understanding, increase significantly, with the result that a person can decide for himself what is good for him and what is bad, guided only by his personal experience, and not by pressure from outside. In adulthood, a person is able to consciously choose for himself the vector of motion that interests and attracts his spirituality.

Since you are reading this, we dare to assume that you are already a fully formed person who is able to make decisions and take responsibility for actions. If you are concerned with the question of which religion is best to adhere to, then we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the options existing in nature, from Buddhism to Pastafarianism. Evaluate, compare, analyze and think about what attracts you most of all, guided by common sense, and, of course, your heart. It is necessary to be open for the whole world, and, accordingly, for all religions. Or at least treat others with understanding and respect.

Many religions are based on such concepts and principles that if a person got involved in it, then he will hardly be able to get out of it consciously, but we hope that since you read this, then your consciousness is not so easy to manipulate and hope for your sanity, as well as on impartiality, free from prejudice in religious matters.
In every existing religion, there is a mass of both its pros and cons, which must be independently assessed. Each religion is based on higher spiritual practices, which in fact may allow you to connect with God and remain heard, as well as fill your heart with magnificent reverence. But still, how to choose for yourself the most optimal religion? In fact, this is a very difficult and highly moral issue. We believe that it is necessary to take a piece from all known religions and try to unite all existing positive religious elements into one whole, omitting negative sides and aspects, which, unfortunately, quite a lot.

In the role of those who are interested in other religions and are engaged in collecting this huge and immense puzzle, consisting only of good and health-positive elements, our spiritually religious movement The Pokrov, which is aimed solely at studying and accepting ALL existing religions, and as already mentioned, we are not only studying religions, but also draw from them only the best and the right, and then combine, experiment with the best combinations and apply them in our prays.
Our movement contributes to the development of extrasensory sensitivity in a person, which does not mean that we can communicate with the dead and see the future - these are all stupid stereotypes, imposed to people by television and society. In fact, extrasensory sensitivity is the ability to determine the fields of hypertonic or hypotonic pressure, and not reckless insanity and idiocy, in the existence of which it is customary to believe. A person should not blindly pray to God only complaining about his life - he should tune in to him, feel and convey to him his pray, not a request, and also feel same as his and the divine energy. In consequence, which must be used for the benefit of themselves and other people. We should strive to the maximum to understand how this energy works because it is the cycle of everything in our life that depends on it. We strive to not only feel it but also be able to direct as much as possible to achieve as large good goals as possible. Once you learn, and this is unlikely to cause you great difficulty, then allow yourself to feel the divine presence, which will allow you to look at the world with completely new eyes. This process can be compared with divine revelation because you become free from silly prejudices and begin to understand the world differently because it is much simpler than it seems. You will understand that illness is not a sentence, you will understand that your financial situation is always correctable and you will discover a lot of new things, including the fact that nothing impossible exists - especially for a human. This will have the most positive effect on you and your life, including those who are not indifferent to it. With such a clean and beautiful energy, you can have a reverent effect on people, by default having them to yourself without any effort, because it is with the purest soul that all of us want to communicate. And if a person is free from useless fuss and routine, then such a person will always glow in the eyes of others and cause admiration.

To achieve this, as well as get closer to understanding everything that surrounds us, you can join our movement. No one here will hold you by power, because we respect the opinion and choice of each person in our movement. No one will try to make zombie from you - with which religious movements are usually associated, which, in the mind of ordinary people, are sectarians. Which, of course, in Pokrov movement does not exist and it is absolutely unthinkable at the same time. We only offer you absolutely sincerely, without expecting any return, to try just join to the greatness and save you from the pressing problems with which each of us, to some extent, is literally surrounded.

It is enough to take only a step to get closer to the greatness, which you can hardly ever regret.

Happiness, well-being to you and your loved ones.

May God hear your prayers and help you.

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