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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 18:12

C.   An archive of the different materials, which are secreted from the website   

D.   Different questions and topics for voting and its results    

E.   On the main page are found an automatic rating, readable and renewing articles each time.   

F.   Registered users are able to read archives.  

G.  The different and basic topics are found here, about: Pokrov, religion, alternative medicine, paranormal and community issues.  

H.    An ability to post different stories and articles for the registered users, where a website administrator publishes here without any grammatical errors.  

I.     An ability for the registered users to use the forum, write to other users, view information about other users and use a chat, which is available here without any fees. User is able to place additional links with the information, which is on this website.                              

                                   BASIC RULES OF A WEBSITE.     

a) User is not allowed for posting any false and sensitive information. If the materials are used from our website in any kind of form, citation of this website is mandatory as referenced information. In addition, the user is forbidden to post any insults to any of the religious sides. If anybody disobeys the rules, they will be caught and banned. Further, those users will not be allowed seeing any information about the registered visitors- using their nickname and their computers.

b) We are not taking any responsibilities for the advertisement and information, which is posted by other visitors. If there is an opinion mentioned by any author, it does not mean that it is similar to our opinion. If you want to place any banners, advertisements, or links please ask the administrator of the web hosting. If you want to mention anything about the work of the website, such as comments, wishes, and complaints- please let the administrator of the website know about it.

c) If any complaints about the website administrator-please send them to the administrator of the web hosting.

d) Further, we plan to fill our website with much different and interesting information. In addition, we will include new options and topics of the website. You already can help us in the development of our website and also make it better by bringing donations to our website, post interesting articles and news on our website, become a Pokrovitel, place our links and banners about our website to the internet on other websites where it is allowed (search engines, website catalogues, guestbook, in your any website profiles, forums, in the comment boxes under different types of articles, and etc…

e)  Send your friends the links on our website by the email.  

f) If there are people who really want to become our sponsors and help us financially in the development of a new movement and new industry in helping needy people, they are welcome to do so.

g) Place an advertisement on this website in any place.

h) Place a banner on this website.  

i) Tell your friends about this website.

Welcome to our new website! We are always happy to see everybody! We wish that you will spend a good time on our website and find everything you need!


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