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Written by Hosting Administrator   
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 21:40

All the website visitors are invited to visit our video gallery that is recently opened on our website.  Here can be found different collected materials about Pokrov movement.  These materials include topics about every different religion and spiritual practices, alternative medicine, paranormal, video materials about the community approachment and people’s friendships from different religious faiths, spiritual practices, races, and nations.  

   If anybody has video materials about these topics, these materials can be uploaded to the video gallery, and they will be published immediately. Before uploading any of your materials, make sure that this specific material that you want to upload, is not published in the gallery (so that it will not be repeated). You can look in our gallery or in the search engine for information, whether or not this material has been published.

     Video materials can be sorted by the preference of the audience. For example; your video materials can be viewed by all of the website visitors, only by the registered visitors, only chosen by you or only by you. It also can be sorted by the categories and subcategories. The necessary video can easily be found by the search engine in the gallery. Video can be sorted by the: incoming, mostly watched and by its rating. You can create groups for visitors about any specific topics, vote for the video link, take videos and put them on any website, and blog (if the owner’s video was set as permitted). The video gallery is supporting all popular video formats.

    If you do not like a video and think that it discriminates, offends or contradicts the laws and morality, you can just complain to the manager (moderator) of the site. In this case, click on the button which is located next to "Flag this video”. It is strictly prohibited to publish: pornos, videos that are contrary to the law, ethics and morals, insults someone’s interests, copyrights holder videos – if these videos are not allowed for distribution. If any of these rules are violated, then the visitor is forewarned, banned temporarily, banned permanently, by the discretion of the website administrator.

    We are not responsible for any information which is contained in the video materials. In addition, we do not support opinions views and positions of authors from some videos. Website Administrator wishes you to enjoy watching videos!


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