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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 22:25

A video chat has opened on this website. On this chat, a person can communicate with other website users by the means of typing, audio speaking and video speaking. The person also can communicate with one user- in a dialogue and also with others simultaneously. This video chat lets you see at once several users in different windows. On this video chat, the user has an option to open up their own room, by making an entrance to everybody or only to their friends, which could enter in the room by the password that owner of this room has created, also user can make in it a limited or unlimited amount of users.

This video chat has different functions:

1) Ability to view who is currently online and how many people are online is the room opened or closed for public, an owner of a room and when a room was created.

2). Ability to see the list and information about all of the rooms on a video chat.

3) Ability to see an amount of time a person is located in the room.

4) Ability to turn on and off: sound, microphone, view, and camera.

5) To invite friends on a chat by sending them a link of a video chat.

6) An ability to see and use emoticons.

7) If the camera is installed and turned on, then a person has an ability to see a number of users and who exactly sees the person.

8) A sound indication that lets a person to see - how much others can hear this person

9) Shows how many pixels a person’s viewing window has

10) Creating a view of your opponents in a whole window or any other sized icon

11) An ability for other people to see a person or the people that user wants to see him or her

12) Ability to send a personal invitation to anyone

13) To call any one of the users - by the means of a bell or any other signal

14) Send your photo and video to anyone you choose

15) An ability to view the user's profile

16) An ability to block a user

17) An ability to change the font, size, and color of a text using different text options

18) Option to post your photo and record a video

19) Option to record a video from YouTube

20) An ability to use in the text different emoticons

21) Option to turn on and off the music during the personal messages

22) An ability to place a chat in an unavailable mode, while the user is located in a different browser for an unlimited period of time

23) History option- the conversations can be saved in the user's archive in the room

   There are also other different functions in this chat. Further, the chat will be upgraded with other different new functions.

   When entering this website, a person has an ability to see who is located online in the section “who’s on chat". People can enter and communicate, be together with each other, even if people are distant away from each other.


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