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TOPIC: Who is Ahura Mazda?

Who is Ahura Mazda? 6 years 1 week ago #1412

Ahura Mazda is the presiding deity in the religion of Zoroastrianism. Its name translates as "The wise Lord."

Initially, the term was used as a substitute for the real name of the God, which was forbidden to pronounce.

In the holy book of Zoroastians called "Avesta" Ahura Mazda was portrayed as a priest to highlight his spirituality and essence of the actions. In iconography, he appeared as a perfect man and the king, with wings of bird, the feathers of which symbolized the sun's rays.

Ahura Mazda created our world through efforts of his thought. In his honor, Zoroastrians sacrifice only juice of plant name haoma mixed with milk, and perform prayers in front of the sacred fire.
In Zoroastrianism , which prophet was Zoroaster (Zarathustra ), Ahura Mazda considers as mediator between heaven and earth, and the judge at the last Judgment.

Ahura Mazda can be embodied in the fire, and his wifes appear in the form of heavenly waters. He is the father of the lower deities such as Asha, Mitra, Rapshu and Straoshi. His twin sons - Spenta Mainyu (the Spirit of holiness, goodness and light) and Angra Mainyu (the Spirit of evil and darkness) - do the battle with each other for the souls of the people and for victory in confrontation between good and evil.

However, any person in Zoroastrianism should choose good thoughts , words and deeds , and thus approximate the triumph of good.

Generally, Zoroastrianism gave a lot to other modern religions, and it is one of the ancient monotheist religions in the world. Any interesting facts about this religion are welcome!
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