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TOPIC: Scientology

Scientology 6 years 1 month ago #1332

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What is Scientology? It is a religion which was founded by L. Ron Hubbard. This religion helps a man to understand his own spiritual nature and to grasp in his relations with himself, his family, different groups, mankind, and forms of life, material world, spiritual world and The Supreme Being. Scientology appeals to the Spirit, not to the Body or The Mind. Scientology consists of several main principles. Here they are:
a man is an immortal spiritual being;
his experience is not only in one life, but in more ones;
his abilities are endless, even if the man doesn`t use them.
The base of Scientology is that the man is good himself and his spiritual survival depends only on his own, his family and on his with the Universe. Scientology is not a dogmatic religion. The man learns that the principles of scientology are true when he uses them in practice and observes the results of using them.
The supreme aim of Scientology is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom. Scientology is based on the ancient traditions of religious practices. It originates in deep beliefs and aspirations of all great religions. Thus, it includes various religious heritage.
Today many people don`t understand the real factors that control their lives. They don`t understand their family and are not able to improve their life and to go to another better level of life. That’s the destination of Scientology: to give a chance to improve the life due to better understanding of the life itself. The aim of Scientology is to raise a man to the level where he will be able to solve his problems himself and as a result TO IMPROVE HIS LIFE.
The first Scientology church was founded in Los Angeles in 1954. In less than ten years there were churches all over the world. Different people are united due to Scientology. And it`s clear that Scientology is the religion of the 21st century. This religion has the Campaign against drugs.
Different materials were publicized about the drugs; its consequences. The film “True about the drugs” was released. The group that investigates and disrobes the cases of invasion by psychiatrists was founded in 1969.Due to this group more than 150 laws were passed. These are the laws that protect people from cruel and forced practices in the field of mental diseases. There are also groups of people that help to the victims of distresses.
There is nothing more important then your own life
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Scientology: the Truth 6 years 1 month ago #1374

  • A.Feld
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I want to add that Scientology is the totalitarian sect with big capital and full control of life of its adept. The Scientology is psychological cult and pseudo religion. All the members of this sect think that they are unique, that there is a plot against them. The truth is only in Scientology and the mankind is mistaken and lost. The books of Ron Hubbard are aimed to the formation of isolated social group, where the members are taught just to fulfill their functions (in most cases it is struggle with the world).
Aleksey Kondrashov is ex-scientologist. After leaving the organization he wrote a book about his being there. He also opened the site and put there the translations of former scientologist`s articles. How do you think what has happened?
You are right: he was pressed by organization and closed the site. Church of Scientology pays to its members 10 percents for every new member. The church of Scientology has many real estates all over the world. In Germany Scientology is acknowledged as a business.
There are evidences of former scientologists that they were pressed not to talk about the organization.
The aim of scientology is the Earth clearing. That means there should be only one religion, others are false. Scientology is not just popularizes itself, it is in real condition of war with the entire world.
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Scientology: the Truth 6 years 1 month ago #1414

  • Lady bird
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There are different opinions about Scientology, Some people think that it is a sect, some do not agree with this statement. I have studied this issue and came to the conclusion .
It's not a sect at all.
It's just the fact that Scientology was divided into two areas: the Free Zone and the Church of Scientology .
And so, in the Church of Scientolog courses are expensive, so people go to the Free Zone to get course because they are much cheaper. But people shouldn’t do such things because Free Zone indeed is the sect, they steal money, demand to bring money or give some property. .
Real Scientology is very interesting religion. It's not necessary pay money for the studying, it is possible to just find books and read them. The books do change minds, but to the best way. I've leaned a lot of things about life, about how to behave and what to do in my life. My life became much easier after it.
There are more depth literature, but it may seem to someone bull shit. But it is up to the person that studies those books. I have not decided yet whether believe or not in the origin of life on earth according to their theory, but as for the questions why our mood is changed, why something is happening in our life I definitely believe in what I have learned from the books of this religion Scientology. Also it helped me with learning , even though by nature I'm intelligent person, but there were huge gaps in my knowledge, and with the Scientology I gained what I had missed. I didn't pay any money, except for the books (they are not expensive at all) and my consciousness is absolutely fine and clear.
Scientology is a religious philosophy.
Scientology helps people become more capable. Only those people attack Scientology who do not want anyone to be successful and more capable in life.
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