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TOPIC: Relations between people of different religions

Relations between people of different religions 5 years 11 months ago #2543

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I think the only chance to get out of this situation with dignity - is to be tolerant to each other. Yes we have different religions, somebody believe in one God , somebody believes in another , someone does not believe in anything, but we have knowingly relates to each other and respect each other. And so we should be respectful to preferences of another people and to the faith of another person. Maybe it will take time and we do realize that we were wrong. And an atheist becomes a believer, or vice versa believer lose faith in God.
I think we just have to give freedom to each other and if the person is in religion that does not suit us, we simply do not have to go there to climb, and we have to leave the man alone with himself and with his religion.
But there is a very important point that we all need to follow in order to maintain peace on earth, despite the fact that our religious beliefs do not coincide. To do this, we should not impose each other 's religion. If a person treats you so hostile and you have tense relationship you do not need to further inflame the war and affect the subject of religion, trying to convince the other person and call him on yours side of religion. This is wrong, everyone has the right to choose for himself what he holds and you do not need to try to persuade him. Moreover, that religion is a thing to which we must come ourselves and not on someone's decree. In the first place, we must be ready for this in soul. Then religion is really sincere in our soul. And in all other cases it will be just a farce.
And we simply have to be loyal to each other; we're not angry at one another only because another people has different clothes, that which we do not like, because we understand that he has the right to wear what he wants. So why can not we do the same with religion? Why can not we give a person to believe in what he wants.
Perhaps some of our stereotypes or improper education hamper it. But really the only way, what I see in the light of the recent globalization, it is only to be loyal to each other, change our mindsets, to be kinder to each other. After all, every religion teaches to be kind, open and loving. Only through love for each other we can win all this anger and aggression, which reigns in the world.
Then it is very important not to judge the whole nation and the whole religion of one or more people. This is wrong. Because in every nation and in every religion there are bad people, but that does not mean that we should dislike to all the people of this nation. I'm sure that many people, even the majority of them are great, you just need to see it. And we do not always see the good things. We pay attention only on the bad things.
Not for nothing is the expression of what man can do many good deeds and people forget about them , but make one bad and they will remember it all life. Very sorry, but it is common now . And we need to deal with it, because only by showing kindness, compassion and understanding we can win a world of anger and aggression. I think we may even be able to prevent any war. Indeed, because of religion sometimes even go to war, but I do not understand this, because religion teaches good and not kill people. I do believe that we have no right to take the life of another person. Life is given by God and only God can take it. And we can not decide a man should live or die. This should solve the Holy .
Yes maybe marriages between people of different religions can really help somehow mitigate the hostility because if it is marriage, then there is love between people, regardless of faith, and love is exactly what we need for peace and tranquility coming in the world.
LIfe is good!
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