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TOPIC: Slavic question in the Third Reich.

Slavic question in the Third Reich. 6 months 1 week ago #3498

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Slavic question in the Third Reich, the Christianization of the Slavs.

Polish anthropologist of the Third Reich, Ilse Videcki paid greater attention to the Slavic question. "Racology of the ancient Slavs" tells us about the loss of a significant part of the Slavic ethnic groups the original Nordic anthropological type:

"There is one more question: to what extent is the development of the ancient Slavs projected on Slavic people? One way or another, they have not so much Nordic blood. Which in different folks go to the backround of a variety of races – the East European and Alpine, Dinaric and Mediterranean. To make these Nordic blood blurry, or to erase the whole of “nordic race”, there could be watched 2 ways. In the first way, this may be due to the extinction and disappearance of the Nordic communities as a result of natural selection in the process of reproduction, when the numerical superiority was definitely on the side of the Eastern European. In the second way, it could be a consequence of social redistribution. Here it is appropriate to raise the question as follows: is it possible to observe the course of this process already in the era of the ancient Slavs and whether it is permissible to draw conclusions from the nature of the changes, which, for example,does have a sociological background?

There is no exact answer to this question, this is due to the fact that this time period is very limited, mainly the middle of the XI – the end of the XII centuries, that is about 11/2 centuries, the interval between the actual period of resettlement and the entry into almost simultaneously for most Slavic tribes the era of Christianization.

Studying discovered things in Bohemia exactly in the same place of the skull, was able to establish temporal sequence between them – in particular in the excavation of the settlements have compla and Left hrádek, however, while the first of these was found in the secondary stratum, but in the immediate vicinity of the Slavic subjects of everyday life. Found in Slovakia in the district of Devin's skull over those that were detected in the Atove. Somewhat smaller, the series refers to an even more ancient time – to the IX century (Mateyka. She is apparently comes from the era in which it was still accepted predominantly cremation. In Mecklenburg burial places near the village of Alt-Bartelsdorf are more ancient than those found near Hamel; stone mounds are younger than earthen ones. Finally, glades and northerners due to available relevant material, to the barrow period, it is permissible to attach a period tombs. For the South Slavs to establish a stage in time sequence during the actual old Slavic era is not necessary. Of course, the groups in which comparisons have been made are in part extremely small, but it is few in number possible to draw conclusions from their totality.

So, the process of "Denordicisation" can be clearly tracked even within a relatively short the old Slavic era. Typically, this process due to the increase of Eastern european. Natural selection in the process of reproduction can be started only among a diverse population, and won by the East European "victory in the number of births" is possible only where East European are exist.
These results now make it possible to imagine that the classification of the ancient Slavs in the spatial aspect should be carried out not on the basis of, or not only from, already rooted in the Slavic differentiation and diversity of the mixed ancient population of these lands, but given the different sociological age of the groups studied. Here, in one way or another, the fact that both centers of the Varangian state education – with Novgorod in the North and Kiev in the South – are located in the area of emphasized Eastern European tribes stands out.

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