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TOPIC: Judaism(Noahidism) sayings that may shock

Judaism(Noahidism) sayings that may shock 5 years 9 months ago #2081

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Contemporary Judaism is despondent by the legitimate traditions of the Pharisees that Jesus convicted.
Judaism is the peak of ideas nascenting from the sect which most contrary to the God. After the demolition of the temple in 70 AD, it were the Pharisees who rebuilt Judaism, Pharisaism remodeled the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future. The study of the Talmud is necessary for any real conception of Pharisaism.

The (unedited) Talmud contains some of the most blasphemous sayings and it is criticizing Christians so much, that some phrases can shock:

Jesus is considered to be boiling in faeces in hell;
Jesus was concepted illegitimately during menstruation;
Jesus is called a stupid;
Jesus is said to be a magician and wizard;
Jesus is said to be a murderous and false man;
Mary was considered an adulterous whore;
Christians are described as assassins, worshipper, or munk and defendants of sodomy;
Christians were only created to service Jews all the time and pertain to Jews;
Christians are worse than animals;
Incest is considered the easiest sin compared to accepting Christianity;
Jews must shun Christians, even if they are hurted and need a physician, or even to learn from a teacher;
Jews may injure Christians in all possible ways, even killing them.
Jews who are good to Christians will not be forgiven and resurrected.
Jews are allowed to steal from Christians and will not be punished for it.
Jews can confuse and lie to Christians by pretending to be one.
Jews can lie in order to denounce a Christian.
Jews must always try to condemn and judge Christians.

As you see, these phrases and sayings are full of cruelty and savagery.
Why, do you think, they were doing this to Christians?
one kind word can change someone's entiry day...
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Judaism(Noahidism) sayings that may shock 5 years 9 months ago #2142

  • Ingaru
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I suppose you just have taken phrases and even do not know where. I think you do not understand what you are talking about. First of all, Jesus is Jew, whether you like it or not. Second, Jews have no pretensions to Christians and nobody wants to kill anybody, as you write it. Just watch what Palestinians do with Jews and, maybe, you will change your mind about pretensions of one religion to another. For example, Muslims, those who are Palestinians, say that they will kill all Jews, and till they are alive, Muslims will kill and kill. As for Christians, they live in peace with Jews in Israel, and not only there. So, you just have read ant text and did not catch the main idea, but you have cut just phrases without explanation. And do not forget, that Holy Bible and Torah are identical, except the last part of Holy Bible, which tells us only about Jesus` life. And, third, why do you hate Jews? You have written in such words, that it is possible to think that you are chauvinistic. That is not good, try to learn how to love everybody on the Earth, because God has taught us to this, and God has made everybody equal.
Тому, кто способен укротить свое сердце, покорится весь мир.
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Judaism(Noahidism) sayings that may shock 5 years 9 months ago #2217

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I think that in any religion can be strange and even mad followers.
You can read very strange statements of people of any religion.
It's necessary to read official representatives of such religion. But not such strange and unproved quotation.
Who said it? Maybe it was written in cheap newspaper that is searching for cheap sensation.
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