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TOPIC: Understanding Noahidism

Understanding Noahidism 6 years 1 month ago #914

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Noahidism is a Biblical-Talmudic ideology based on the Seven Laws of Noah, and their traditional interpretations within Judaism.
The symbol of the modern Noahide Movement is the rainbow, which is also the symbol of many New Age groups. There are various Noahide organisations and most call themselves ‘b’nei noach’ or ‘sons of Noah’ (‘ben’ = son, ‘bat’ = daughter).

The so called sect of Judaism is just another false religion.

The basis of Noahidism is the Talmud and Rabbinic speculation, particularly Maimonides (medieval Jewish scholar) who even includes Muslims within this religion. This is a shaky institute since various Rabbis had different opinions on what constituted Noahide law.

The power for this sect, rests upon the interpretation of diffuse Genesis texts by the Talmud. If the Talmud is false, then Noahidism is false, as well.
The Babylonian Talmud is clearly counterfeit and is, in fact, filled with profanity and malignity (the encouragement of paedophilia).

Moreover, there is no mechanism for salvage them, except laudable works, which Noah did not agree with. Noah’s salvation was based upon grace given by God not human works. Since Noahidism is based upon human works, there is no salvation in it.

The Torah, which is accepted by Noahides, also shows upon the need of a divinely sent deliverer and it is he that Noahides must listen to. This is Christ.
All the Levitical proposals speak of a bloody sacrifice to come with the Messiah that would give real value to the animal sacrifices They did not have importance in themselves or the sacrifices of Gentiles would have the same value, excluding the delimitation of Judaism. The nature of Judaism was based in the Messiah to come; without a Messiah Judaism has no value at all.

Without any hesitation this is just another modern false pretenses seeking to attach to itself some plausibility by pretending the support of the father of the post-deluvian earth. It will lead, like all other imposture, to hell since it offers a false salvation based on human works and not divine grace.
per aspera ad astra
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