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TOPIC: What is Martino spiritual science?

What is Martino spiritual science? 6 months 2 weeks ago #3521

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What is Martino spiritual science? Well, natural science shows that in nature there are laws for all reactions in the physical matter. There are laws in physics the neutrons laws and Kirchhoff's law of laws and so on, and in chemistry, all chemicals react according to certain laws the Danish writer Martinus Thomsen who lived from 1890 to 1981 thinks that there are lures for our mentality for our consciousness and when terrestrial man learns to rule these lures.


He will be able to create a paradise of peace here on earth when we know the spiritual laws we'll be able to make a perfect fate. We're all human beings on this planet can live in harmony and peace and health. Martino spiritual science is also called Martino's cosmology because the subject for his spiritual science is everything that exists in a way. Martino's cosmology is a theory of everything that exists the whole universe is one single living being and all living beings are a part of this living universe which in the religions are called God. They're also the two Greek words cosmos and chaos and Martinus shows with his cosmic analysis that everything is bound by laws everything is cosmos. It's only in our humane perspective that it looks as if something might be governed by chaos. Martino's has also caught his work for the third Testament and this is because he wanted to make a science out of Christianity. If all human beings on this planet Earth behaved like Jesus we would live in peace and harmony so, the problem is how can we develop in this direction and Martinus shows with his analysis that it is logical to act like Jesus did it is scientific or you could say it pays to be good that is the chief point and Martinus called his work the third Testament because he thinks he made a scientific Christianity or an intellectual lived Christianity. Martinus has also called his world picture for an eternal world picture. Martinez has drawn a lot of simple in geography you have maps then it's easier to learn geography but Martinus in his cosmology has also print drawn maps so to speak symbols and to below here is simple which symbolized the whole living universe and the light in the center symbolized that the whole universe has herself has an eye. It's an individual living being and we see along the border there are a lot of other small white dots.


That is the self of the eye of all other living beings in a way the whole universe is an electric field we are living in an electric field all living beings have their own electrical field so we cannot act without there is an interaction and Martini's explains the law of action and reaction as the law of fate or the law of karma and according to this law we can learn when we make mistakes we can learn from the mistakes because it has unpleasant consequences. So in a way, everything is very good but it is not everything that is very pleasant when you learn from your experiences. You advance in the evolution and with his cosmic analysis. Martinus shows that everything leads to the light everything leads to love.
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