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TOPIC: Massage as a Therapy

Massage as a Therapy 6 years 1 week ago #2218

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Let's start a bit about massage history, as we know it appeared thousands years ago and it starts it;s origin from China, Japan, Egypt, India and Arabic nations. Even Hippocrates was saying about medicine that it's "the art of rubbing".
During Reinasance it is very often used in the whole Europe, and than 2 americans came with this idea of "massage as a therapy" and introduced it to the United States.
Then it became very popular all around the world and appeared a lot of different techniques of massage and it is used to treat people as well as to relax bodies. Nowdays massage is widely known as being a great part of Alternative medicine.

As everything in this World have 2 parts ->black and white: There are a lot of benefits, as well as risks in massage.
First, it is very important it to be done by a trained proffesional. Why? Because there are a lot of "points" on our body that can be harmed, especially if the person who is doing it, doesn't know the anatomy so good as he have to.

Then, if you have some health troubles like back pain,spine pain or some accidents some bones problems,bad articulation and so on, it is way better to consult your phisycian first, because it might be worse.

At the same time massage can be so relaxing and so good to your body, it even can cure stress and depression and back pain (just after seeing your therapyst).

There are a lot of techniques of massage used all around the World ourdays, but my favorite become Sweden with it's own types:
You'll ask why? Because their in "their" massage, the swedish therapist is using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping. Among the other types are deep tissue massage and trigger point massage, which focuses on myofascial trigger points- muscle "knots" that are being very painful when pressed on them and can cause some disorders elsewhere in the body.

Anyway, if you decide to visit a massage therapyst you should follow some really important steps:
1. Visit your phisycian(as I said once) and tell him about any pain you have on your body, about all the accidents, about your health in general. Let him take everything under his professional control, so you don't have to worry about going to massage courses.

2. Before going to massage therapyst, ask him about his licences. Do not be shy to ask about it, it's all about your health!
There are just a few you should know like:
LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist
LMP - Licensed Massage Practitioner
CMT - Certified Massage Therapist
NCTMB - Has met the credentialing requirements (including passing an exam) of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, for practicing therapeutic massage and bodywork.
NCTM - Has met the credentialing requirements (including passing an exam) of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, for practicing therapeutic massage.

3. Do not use massahe theraphyes to replace important medical care your body needs.

4. If the massage therapyst will suggest you using different herbs, or supplements- ask your personal physician first about it. It my be harmful for you and might not be for others. Remember- all the organisms are completely different.

5. Make sure your massage therapyst knows about any medication you take(if you take any), and about your diet(if any).

So, this is a really small part of massage and practicing massage. Just listen to your body and it will be very thankful to you.

Be healthy. Think healthy ;)
one kind word can change someone's entiry day...
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Massage as a Therapy 6 years 1 week ago #2257

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One popular type of massage is stone massage.

Stones are used for relaxation and revitalization from ancient times. Historical roots of this method are founds in the culture of ancient China and Japan, and in the traditions of North and South America, India and Egypt. Since ancient times the energy of stones attracted people. People used to carry gigantic stones over long distances for the glory of kings and Gods. They created stone sculptures and Gods to worship. Until now people carry in their pockets small stones to protect themselves from the evil, also some stones are believed to bring happiness. Very often people have amulets for healing results, for getting wealth and for improving relationships.

Many cultural civilizations believe that stones remember everything that was happening on this planet and even in the universe. Many shamans, spiritual healers from all over the world use stones and crystals in their ceremonies. It is believed that the stones reflect the energy; they help to clean up the negative energy and have positive effect on humans. For instance, Hawaii shamans use lava rocks wrapped in leaves for healing. Japanese monks use smooth black stones for keeping themselves warm, applying them to the stomach after eating. According to tradition, they do not eat much at one time, so they put two or three warm stones into their belts, tie them around the waist, and they feel full for a long time. In China they used hot stones for massage of tired muscles; this tradition goes back to the days 2000-1500 BC.

Hot stone massage has the following effects on the human body:
• Has healing effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
• Improves blood pressure;
• Stimulates the activity of the nervous system;
• Relieves muscle pain, reduces muscular fatigability;
• Reduces fatigue, stress, emotional tension;
• Normalizes sleep and appetite;
• Improves blood and lymph circulation.
The main local effect of hot stones is caused by engorgement of vessels and hyperemia. While achieving normalized local blood circulation it increases the metabolism, rapidly eliminates toxins and excess water. Stone massage also strengthens the lymphatic and blood vessels, restores elasticity and moisture balance of the skin.

Moreover, it helps to struggle with cellulite. :P

There are many other advantages of stone massage. They say stones have a certain frequency of vibration. Owing to the frequency of vibrations and stone temperature a person almost immediately enters into a deep state of relaxation. It is also known that the stones can cause positive changes in the human energy. Temperature of hot stones is from 43°C to 60°C.

Basalt stones are most popular among many stones used in stone massage, such as jadeite stones , marble stones , sea stones and semiprecious stones. These are modified volcanic stones, formed during volcanic eruptions. The basalt stones are brought from the islands of Indonesia , Peru , Argentina, from Hawaii, where there was volcanic activity previously.
They are found on the shores, stones of round or oval form are preferred. Basalt stones are rarely exposed to additional processing, because it is believed that they accumulated water and wind energy. Basalt has a rich black color and sometimes dark gray.

Basalt has a number of specific properties:
• the more smooth and shiny stone is, the longer it keeps the warmth when heated in water;
• has a low frequency , thereby impacting on the “basic paramagnetic state” and helps to establish a connection with the energy of the earth;
• contains a high concentration of iron and magnesium ;
• it has yang, masculine energy .
Black and gray stones represent immobility, sleep, rest . They open the energy channels, help to focus on the outer world and calm the mind.

Stone massage is often accompanied by essential oils that are applied to the body and stones. It is known that oil can have a draining, stimulating, tonic or relaxing effect. The heat from the stone, when combined with massage techniques, promotes deeper penetration of oils and strengthen their action. Thus it forms a kind of stone therapy, the so called aromastoun massage.
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