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TOPIC: Does massage help with weight loss?

Does massage help with weight loss? 1 year 1 week ago #3493

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First of all let's take a look at the question of losing weight a bit wider and give it some scope, because it is very ambiguous question. There are many different ways to get rid of excess weight and the major of which is physical activity, various diets, as well as limiting your ration which in general can be also attributed to diets although it is belongs to a slightly different category. These are the most effective ways. We're going to tell you about the most controversial and undetermined method of losing weight as MASSAGE and we are want present to your attention the story of a particular person.

"I tried various ways to lose weight, but I managed to achieve the most effective results only when I started going to the gym, but unfortunately I couldn’t do it all the time. Because there is not enough time, then desire, motivation and then I managed to get pneumonia, which immediately eliminated gym from my schedule. Actually, I started looking for information about things that can replace my lost physical activity, considering my situation and decided to check for myself, what can I achieve with a massage, because it was important for me to get rid of the weight, although I was quite skeptical about this case. I have a friend that works in hospital and i asked him about help. He offer to me some massage experts to choose and I got my "healer". Then we start my course of "weight loss". So, what do you think what happend with me after 10 sessions of a course? That's right - nothing. The result was rather weak - I was able to get rid of only just 2 extra pounds, although the sessions were held according to the miraculous course, everything is as expected - every other day. If you consider massage as a way to lose weight, you should understand that it is not effective. But I can't tell about its beneficial effects on the body - improved health, mood, and in general this process itself is quite pleasant. If you think of massage as a useful way to lose weight - throw this idea out of your head, because you physically can't achieve a tangible result then you will only lose your time and money. "

If you analyze these words and begin to be guided by logic with connecting to this case also elementary knowledge in physiology, accessible to everyone in nowadays, it becomes obvious that massage will not help you lose weight, while the most effective things of all times were remain: dietary restrictions + exercise. If you go deeper, you can note the fact that massage is really effective and people manage to get rid of fat, but only when a person's weight is excessively huge. When excess weight is too much it can be banished from the body with a "physical influence" - massage, but this does not make the most important thing - it does not awaken, does not stimulate the metabolism and does not force your body to work more actively.

So, dear friends, today you are dispelled the myth that massage can help get rid of excess weight, and therefore as a summary - don't waste your time and money on this useless lose weight method - more better if you will spend your free time at the gym, because in terms of money and in terms of time, the costs will be approximately the same while the difference in the struggle against the “ailment” will be dozens of times more significant for the same 10 sessions.
Stay healthy!
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