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TOPIC: Jainism beliefs

Jainism beliefs 5 years 11 months ago #2124

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  • Belief in Divinity
Humans who have eliminated their karmas perform Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Perception, Infinite Power, and Infinite Bliss. They become Gogs, or Jina, in a manner they will never ever experience renascence again. There is no Lord creator, and Jinas do not control the Universe or humans, which acts under their own principles and laws . The Jina's souls are maintaining their personal identities. 24 Jinas are esteemed as an inspirational muse for others to maintain freedom, the latest Jina being the founder of the religion. Any humankind may become a Lord once enlightened. As more people become enlightened, the number of so-called gods becomes countless.

  • Incarnations
Ther are no incarnations. Gods are humans who attain enlightenment and became free from rebirth.

  • Origin of Universe and Life
There is no "author".The universe is everlasting and infinite and it acts under its own cosmic ordinance of 3 sections: earth, heaven, and hell.

  • After Death
Through karma laws and principles, one's soul is reborn until elucidated and set free. The person is considered to may be reborn into hell or heaven or as a lower life form, depending on their karma. Once fully liberated, you become a all-powered God.

  • Why Evil?
People may commit as many mistakes as they want to. The Evil is a result of ardent desire, attachments and ignorance that scratched together through permanent rebirths, resulting in avidity, aversion and violence.

  • Salvation
Redeeming oneself of all - whether bad or good karmas and destroying all affections allows one to become liberated from those series of rebirth and become a God with limitless sensations, knowledge, power and happiness. The person must follow the three main points of :
right faith;
right knowledge;
and right conduct;
This includes no form of cruelty or violence even to eaten vegetables (the plant shoudn't be killed). To hurry the freedom, one must repent regularly and live ascetically, especially in the fourth and the last stage of life.

  • Undeserved Suffering
Aginy and pain is a result of past-life avidity, hate and barbarism, which comes back as a suffering karma. It is very often seen as an insubstantial that may result from attachment oqf body pleasure and pain, while only the perfect true exists. Suffering is one of the ways of active ridding oneself of bad karma.

  • Modern Issues
Homosexuality would be an effect of negative karma, as sexuality is only to take place between a husband and wife; celibacy is highly required on the path to spiritual exemption.
As if religion were intended / For nothing else but to be mended... (Samuel Butler, poet)
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