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TOPIC: The rules of Huna

The rules of Huna 6 years 5 months ago #1048

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Huna ( in Hawaiian it means “mystery”) is the complex system of knowledge created by the ancient Hawaiian expert (kahuna). It consists of treatment techniques, daily living philosophy, the ways of thinking, communication with people and the ways to react on the stressful situations. Nowadays, many of its principles are using for so-called positive psychology. It helps to change the attitude to life to the better one. So, here we go!

The main rules of Huna.
1. Thoughts are material that is why we need to deal with it like with the material things.

2. The power of the person grows when he or she helps to others. Using the power for suppression will lead to tension, which is reducing your power. Same is applicable for diseases – if you try to suppress it by using all power, disease starts to resist.

3. World is that what you think. If you think world is garbage – then it is garbage. If you wish it – automatically it is possible.

4. There are no borders. All borders are in our minds. Everything that person can imagine – that can happen. Creating the new things starts in our mentality.

5. It is very important to set the clear aims. Aims can’t be smeared. Ability to think clearly always shows the desired. When person contacts to his or her desired things, they gets the energy of materialization.

6.The moment of your power, which you can get over this world, over your destiny, is only here and now. Rest is illusion! You need to focus all your power on the PRESENT. Thinking and worrying on the future failures will block your power. Dream starts come true only here and now. If you have wished something – then you have started to get. If you have started to get – then you are having it.

7. As more harmony you have for anything that you are having now, as easier to change and to modernize it. If you wish health – love health. If you wish richness – love richness. If you wish beauty – love beauty. If you will wish some bad things happen to other, then you will violate the rules of Huna, and nothing that you desired will be achieved in your life.

8. All power is concentrated inside of you. Nobody will help you. Only you will help yourself. Join together your Spirit, Soul, Body as the one whole, and they will recognize each other to create the power.

9. If you have a dream, you have a power to achieve it. The experience in your destiny, which you may select to test yourself, is written by your soul. It depends only on you, how you would like to pass through it.

10. If you want to get joyful and friendly results, use joyful and friendly methods. All things coming to your life are given energy. Your reaction on any troubles gives energy. To change the results means to transit from one energy into other. Transition to other wave of energy is possible inside of you.

When I have read this, I amazed, how clear and simple is described the difficult thing – how to get the positive attitude to life! I use now the rules of Huna daily and I have notices the positive changes that it made in achieving desired. :)
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The rules of Huna 5 years 11 months ago #2531

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Everything you have written is so nice and so clear. I would love to use it in my everyday life, too.
It looks like the real rules for just good and normal life. I would even say it looks like the rules of universe. If you want something, just think about it and get it.
I am really impressed by these rules, I have never thought, if being honest, about these rules. I meet it for the first time. Very interesting people should be those, who live according to these rules.
I wonder what will be if I am able to fulfill everything what it written there. My own personal thoughts are so because I understand that every person is bordered, limited by himself, we really limit ourselves and do not let our thoughts and actions outside, hiding everything inside.
But I will try it, I promise to begin to live according these rules from now! Yes! I am already living by these rules! Thank you in advance for wonderful advices.
I wish you also to try it. Do not pass these posts. Be patient and read these rules. They are wonderful and really smart, very smart!
Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.
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