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TOPIC: Ghosts of our dead

Ghosts of our dead 5 years 11 months ago #2186

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This is a true story that happened to me when I was 13 years old. My friends and I, we were very interested in extraordinary things, we constantly blogged each other stories about ghosts and dead people. On the outskirts of our village there was an abandoned house, some time ago there live for a long time an old woman, and all said that she was a witch.
This old woman talked almost to no one and even nobody went to her for a visit. When she died, they say, that she was lying down in the street for more than two weeks until someone accidentally came upon her. Many years had passed since that time; the house was open and slowly falling apart. So, we decided to arrange a secret place in that old house where we could tell each other horror stories, tell fortunes and other stuff.

We pinned colorful scary pictures on the walls of the house, brought the magic ball and other items for fortunetelling. (Now I wonder how stupid I was to enter that house and do all that). Well, and we began to tell fortunes, raise spirits with the help of the book and talk about ghosts.

And then, one day when the parents were asleep we decided to run out of the houses and go for a walk, in particular we planned to go to that house ... just to have fun. That's when we got there it was ... somewhere around twelve. There was no electricity in the house, there were old trifles in wardrobe, we found a candle, lit it and began to talk about the old lady, like she was a witch, and could cast a spell on anyone whom she did not like. And then the candle flickered out... we were terribly frightened and quickly began to run to the door in order to get out from the house. I came first to the door and began to pull the knob, but the door ... could not be opened, though there was no lock. :woohoo:

And then we heard like something was tapping on the window, we're terribly frightened and huddled ourselves in a corner. “Do not look at the window, please do not look at the window!”, my friend Ann whispered. Something started pounding harder and harder, and suddenly the sound began to turn into whistle. I do not know how to describe you this horrible sound.. then I eventually opened my eyes . .. old woman behind the window.

She was sort of a blur, as though she was in the gray haze, we quickly began to read all the prayers which we only knew. The sound became quieter and finally completely faded down. We could not move for a long time, and I do not even remember how I got home, probably I lost my consciousness, but I remember this adventure for all my life.
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Ghosts of our dead 5 years 11 months ago #2194

  • Julmerk
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Ghosts will probably have to live where someone dies. It is not surprising that most ghosts found in the place of death of many people, regardless of when it happened.

But it is not always. It seems that for some unknown reasons, the ghosts are just some of the victims. Far from everyone can see ghosts. It is believed that people are able to see ghosts, have a special psychic gift.

It goes without saying that the battlefield is one of the most suitable places for ghosts, and some battlefields really considered their favorite shelter. These include Marathon in Greece, Waterloo in Belgium and Dunkirk in France.

According to locals, the battlefield in Shayloha in Tennessee, USA, visited by ghosts still. Battle Shayloha was one of the greatest battles of the American Civil War. During the two days of fierce battle in April 1862 there were killed more than 24,000 male. A few months after the county rumors of ghostly battle, allegedly played in the same place. Eyewitnesses claimed that the pitch wafting sounds of cannon rounds, ringing swords and bayonets, and the cries and moans of the dying.

Place of execution. Traditionally considered the most suitable elm tree to hang criminals. His strong lower branches are ideally suited for hanging rope loop. Some elms have a reputation for bad places where there are ghosts of people who have completed their life under their branches.

It would seem natural habitats of a large number of ghosts should serve Cemetery. However, it is not because people rarely die directly to the cemetery, but the ghosts usually appear in places of their own death. It is believed that the cemetery can be found only one ghost. This so-called "cemetery caretaker ," the soul of the first buried their dead in this place. The duties of the "keeper" is scaring various harmful spirits and other unwelcome visitors. In ancient times, in Western Europe there was a custom: when establishing a new cemetery to ensure its safe guard, sacrifice humans.

Until the end of XIX century the northern part of the church cemetery rarely used for burial. The area most of the time was in the shade, there was overcast and cold. This tradition has its origin from the old Germanic legends. This place was given especially for troubled souls (and perhaps equally restless ghosts) of those who committed suicide was considered a grave sin. Suicide is also buried at the crossroads. In the chest killing them count, there does not appear to them restless ghost. But even if he also managed to escape from the grave, like the ghost of Tom Colley, he would be baffled by four divergent roads and forced to stay in one place until completely shatter.

Many ghosts reside in some particular place, such as in a house where they once lived. These restless souls of many years of wandering around the house, and again his eyes falling on the current residents.

It is usually assumed that such "settled" ghosts there, where in the past happened some bloody and dramatic events that tied the deceased soul to this place. Often ghosts live in homes where a brutal crime was committed or where there were deeply unhappy people. However, it should be noted that some strange sounds that households often attributed to ghosts, can actually be quite natural origin, such as creaking issued timber compression or expansion, or rustling produced that run around the house rats and mice.

In fact there are a bunch of places where you can meet ghosts, according to statistics every other person on earth has seen ghosts, and if you still have not been able to see them, you know that you are still ahead ...
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Ghosts of our dead 5 years 7 months ago #2920

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Hi everybody! :) I would like to tell you one story that happened with me when I was a child. We lived in an old house, with my mom and dad, I was about 9 years old. One day my parents went to their friends and I stayed alone in a big house, unfortunately after some time the light was turned off because of some unknown reasons. I was sitting in my room and tried to lighten the candle, suddenly something opened the door, I was trembling and scared terribly. After few minutes white spot flew into the room and stayed defore my bed, I don't know what happened in that moment but I fainted. When my parents came I told everything but nobody believed me. I grew up but even now I remember that day, and know that it was real!!
Ghosts are exist and I saw one!
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