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TOPIC: Main ideas and principles of Ethical Culture

Main ideas and principles of Ethical Culture 6 years 1 month ago #1114

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Ethical Culture or Ethical Humanism is a movement founded by Felix Adler in 1876 that stresses the importance of ethical behavior independent of religious beliefs. This movement dedicated to cultivating moral development in personal life and moral reform in society. Such reform includes nurture of relationships in which people act so as to elicit the best in others, guidance for moral living, and transformation of the way humanity views the meaning of life.

The central part of this movement is a belief that relationships of respect, compassion, and integrity are the building blocks of personal and global harmony. The democracy is not just a political system but also a personal commitment—a continual exercise in freedom of conscience, thought, and moral responsibility expressed through humane deeds.

Statement of Ethical Culture signed by the leaders of this movement on the 1st of November 2008, states that “ethics begins with judgment and choice, and we know that how we choose to treat others is what is most important, as the kind of world in which we live radiates from personal decisions and interactions. The values and principles that guide our choices rest on a natural interpretation of experience, and are derived from the emotional capacities and intellectual abilities of human beings and the culture they create.”

Personal living connects with moral responsibility to and for community. Relationships between people bind us together in universal citizenship. And as a consequence we share responsibility for the kind of world in which we live. Examining life through the prism of human experience, we see that we are capable of wonderful and inspiring things. We find that there is meaning in the potential for personal growth and cultural transformation.

I think this is really awesome idea! :whistle:
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Main ideas and principles of Ethical Culture 5 years 11 months ago #1575

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I guess it's really great that there are such kind of movements nowadays. People need them for sure, you know, because of lack of tolerance and respect between humans.
The great majority of youngsters are completely uneducated, I hope that this movement will make the next generation more mature and responsible. :dry:
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Main ideas and principles of Ethical Culture 5 years 9 months ago #2143

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I will absolutely agree with you,guys,regarding Ethical Culture.

Ethical compliances is used more for workers in organizations, but there are not only advantages there,but a few disadvantages, as well.

First, state and federal laws help to control a good part of a each company ethical policies. Ethical agreement helps companies in a work culture progress that is following by the workplace laws and diminish the rate regarded penalties and lawsuits.

Then, a policy of ethical agrement assist to create a workplace culture where all employees are reffered with respect. Employees are given equal access to opportunities progress and the workplace becomes a reliant and educative atmosphere. The workplace keeps a confident ethical standards and creates friendly and trustful working relations between the staff and managers. It reduces employee turnover and has doubtless a very positive effect on productivity.

But here is the very first disadvantage...it demands the comprehensive maintainance of management to be effective. If the management team decide to introduce their personal version of corporate ethics to the way they are able to handle their departments, then this can contuct to some conflicts of principles can cause confusion in the working place.

Also it is costly. Expanding, realizing and maintaining an ethics agreement program within your organization can be expensive and it takes a lot of time. Ethics policies need to be cup to date all the time to show changes in workplace laws and changes in your company dilution as the organization developes. The right administration of an ethics program often claims to employ of an ethics officer and the commitment of company financial and personnel arsenal.
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