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TOPIC: Discrimination. Why does it exist?

Discrimination. Why does it exist? 6 years 2 months ago #1701

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I would like to speak about religious discrimination
The religious discrimination includes armed conflict, harassment of women over dress code, mob violence, hate crimes, violence or violent threats, terrorist violence, favoritism of a religious group, limits on religious conversion, preaching, or foreign missionaries, attempts to eliminate a group, prohibition of worship or practice of certain beliefs, violence towards a minority group, and more.
This is a global problem that the humanity has been facing for ages. People believe differently. And this calls annoyance and anger from some part of people. This especially is characteristic to the countries with dominant type of religion. The majority try to undermine and discriminate by different ways the religious minority. In spite of the fact that all recognize we have the same God, hundreds of countries are not protected by their government, rather harassed by them for their beliefs. Recently I was surprised reading one study that Christians are the most-discriminated group, experiencing harassment by the government and society in 168 countries. It is huge figure, showing that our world is far from tolerance and patience. All types of principal world religions call for peace and understanding between people and religion should be a motor for good relationship between people.
Many consider muslims are less tolerant, but they are also the subject of discrimination in 121 countries worldwide. We cannot classify as religious discrimination the terrorist attacks. The reason of this attacks made by muslims is rarely religion one. Muslim religion by nature is rather tolerant, excepting some radical torrents.
What shall we do to avoid religious discrimination?
The best way is education. We should educate from school that all religions are equal and have right for existence.
The people should know the most important people who have ever lived from each religion. Their example can provide the feeling of respect to the whole religion.
It is good to know the important holidays of each religion, especially from minority religion of our country. And to see what are the traditions during these holidays?
These issues are about what that person believes and what that religion follows. We should avoid questions or debate what truly exists.
Life is good!
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Discrimination. Why does it exist? 6 years 4 weeks ago #2035

  • Claire
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Discrimination should not exist nowadays. We have finally to understand that we are all equal in front of God whatever our skin color, sex, and even religion. We have to respect each other. God doesn't love our appearance, He loves our soul. It doesn't matter whether you are smart, beautiful or ugly and silly, your good intentions and kindness is what matters.
However, I don't like when people abuse the freedom they get not in their native country. When they come with their set of rules and are imposing them to indigenous people.
But between people of one nation there shouldn't be any discrimination at all. In my country sometimes disabled people are discriminated, and this is very sad. Nature already deprived those people of probably the most important thing in this world - health and they should not be discriminated by people like them but with more possibilities, we have to have respect towards each other.
Live your life now.
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Discrimination. Why does it exist? 5 years 11 months ago #2477

  • Cornel
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vapor wrote:
What does discrimination actually mean? Well that’s what the Wikipedia says: Discrimination is the prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category, "in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated.” From this definition I can see that the whole issue comes from belonging to a certain group, category, some pigeonhole, which people have already formed opinion about. Yes we are all different and sometimes these differences are a problem in communication. I think discrimination is closely related to a matter of acceptance. It has also been discussed on the forum as far as I can remember. If we are accepted by the other people, it means they like us and we are not discriminated against. Another thing is when we are a bit unlucky and deal with people who dislike us for some reasons and reject our company, have negative emotions toward us and thus discrimination begins. And it can be not only because we have different skin or come from another country. Just sometimes people think about themselves or a group they belong to as being superior or better compared to those who belong to different group or just have different views, looks etc. How can we combat discrimination? That is a very difficult question. I believe that it was asked before by many influential people. And if there was a single and simple answer given, perhaps there would be no such an issue as discrimination. I think the first step is to start with ourselves. Just to start pondering about our everyday life behaviour. Do we compare ourselves to other people? Do we think we are better than anyone else? How would we feel if somebody else thought they were better than ourselves and treated us accordingly? Sometimes we don’t even think that we ourselves can discriminate other people even in our thoughts or mind.

From the psychological point of view, when we discriminating somebody we simply cannot 'take it closer and understand' (I mean, another man). I agree that it is some kind of disease of modern world but if we look at a history, we would understand that it was all the times in human history.
Discriminating somebody, we break the connection with all the people with this kind of feature or points of ‘different’ view.
Anger is the only thing when we talk about discrimination. Only blind anger and inability to understand make people mean, rude and let them do harm to each other.
Obviously, the most horrible discrimination ever documented connected to women discrimination in different countries of the world. How can we be rude to that part of our society that makes it possible to live for all of us? Our mothers, sisters, daughters – all of them are still victims of discrimination in some countries. I cannot understand it yet.
Anyway, I think it is connected to lack of education and usually people simply cannot understand that something is not right, following their traditions or etc.
Once, I saw how some foreigner (apparently, came from Egypt or something) was beating his wife or sister or elder daughter on the street. When the police came, he said that it is not their business and they do not understand that women have to be under control of men. Later, I saw that woman and she was with some kind of bandage on her arm. Nobody asked her what’s happened.
So, it’s our life and we should keep in mind that there is no paradise here, on Earth and we should struggle every day to make this life worth living in. I would never forget that case. It made me think about such problem over and over again.
We are equal. This is for sure!
never try to be satisfied with your life if your car is dirty
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