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TOPIC: Ayurveda food

Ayurveda food 5 years 10 months ago #2459

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Ayurveda - is an ancient Indian doctrine that covers many aspects of human life: its spirituality, physical health treatment. Great importance it plays a power system that is built on simple but nonetheless very important principles.

One of the basic rules of nutrition in Ayurveda is self-cooked food. You should eat only fresh food that has not been repeated heat treatment. It is also very important and the process of cooking. Doing cook needed most, while being in a good mood, thinking of something bright and cheerful. Hindus believe that when food is cooked and will taste better and healthier.

Ayurveda does not provide a clear division of the daily dose of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended to eat only when a person begins to feel hunger. It is believed that our body will tell you when it lacks the energy for normal life. But this in no way means that you need to overeat.

Terms nutrition on Ayurveda suggests that once a week a person should rest from too heavy a meal. Of course, at first quite difficult to follow this principle, but over time there is a pleasant feeling of lightness and begin to understand the importance of this rule.

Indian cuisine has long been famous for its variety of spices that are considered followers of Ayurveda not only add flavor savory dishes, but also very useful for the body. In the structure spices contain many nutrients, but because some of them have a strong therapeutic effect. However, their use should follow the "golden mean".

The teachings of Ayurveda provides a special approach to eating. It is not recommended during meals to conduct business negotiations or for an unpleasant conversation topics, reading books, distracted watching television or listening to loud music. It is advisable to eat in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, with a complacent mood - from food then you will get not only pleasure, but also of great benefit to the entire body.
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Ayurveda food 5 years 9 months ago #2621

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I have heard quite a lot about Ayurveda and its positive effects on human being’s life in physical, social and emotional aspect. As I heard more and more, I found that the technics and doctrines suggested by Ayurveda are actually very nice and can truly affect life in a positive way. Lately there has been a weekly program on TV where special guests who are experts in Ayurveda would come and talk about its practices, effects and approaches.
And especially after those series of the program I changed my attitude towards vegetarianism. I am not a vegetarian completely as I eat fish, and maybe sometimes once a month I happen to eat meat if it happens to be sometime when I get really hungry, and all around is food with meat, or maybe simply if I feel hunger for meat. I do not hold myself back if I feel like I wanna eat meat. But most of the time, like around 29 days per one month I do not want to eat meat.
Beforehand , I was really a meat eater and I live in a mountainous region therefore I always believed that eating meat is essential for the conditions of my life as I live in the higher territory. But guys, just wanted to share with you what vegetarianism brought into my life.
1. I started feeling less aggressiveness.
I used to be very critical towards other people and always paying too much attention to the things that did not always go the way I wanted. I feel myself a much more tolerant person towards myself, people surrounding me and life in general. I think it is a very important part in our life. Being peaceful. Vegetarianism means that a person is no more opposing the nature, that a person starts reuniting with the nature and reuniting with the nature gives the human being such a great strength and such peaceful state of mind and soul.
2. I started looking better.
It was my friends and acquaintances who were telling me that I started look better, they asked me what is the secret and everything. Particularly, my skin looks much better. I used to have acnes problem before. Now it is nearly gone and the color of the skin is really good. I also lost weight. Surely, when you choose between fried stake and simply some sea food soup, and when you choose sea food soup, it is definitely much more healthier for your body and health.
3. I got such a disease what is called as vegetative vascular dystonia. One of the symptoms of this disease is psychological attacks. You may doing whatever you do- driving a car, going along the street, chatting with a friend when suddenly you started getting very very afraid. You don’t understand of what particularly, but you feel scared to death. Your blood pressure goes high, and your heart starts beating very fast, you start sweating. It may last for about 10 minutes. But you truly can’t control this condition, you just have to be patient, go through it and deal with it. It is known that when an animal gets killed before being processed to food, due to his instincts he borns a fear adrenaline in his body. Thus, the body is full of the fear adrenaline and then getting this adrenaline fear inside of us, inside of our bodies, does not help us in any way to be brave, to be optimistic about life. It contributes to our fears, to our aggressiveness, to our anxiety. When i stopped eating meat, in some time, those panics that I used to have come now three time more rarely than before. Call it whatever, true effects or simply self-inspiration. I am almost over those attacks now and it happened after I stopped eating meat. And I am very happy because of that.
My plan for the coming year is to become a full vegetarian - not to eat meat at all, like at all – completely. Not to eat fish as well. I think I still will eat milk and eggs, as stopping eat those products too will be too difficult for me. But I might in the future. I want it to be something consequential so that the organism does not get stressed very fast.
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