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TOPIC: God with you Nikolay!

God with you Nikolay! 5 months 2 weeks ago #3527

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Everyone writes in their topics, at what point they had a meeting with Nikolay first time. Well, I will not be an exception. Outside was the 2013th year - autumn. It was a difficult and crucial period in my life - the period of becoming me as a person. Moreover, autumn is the season, which by default is capable of driving anyone into depression, and given my life circumstances, even more so. I was constantly at home, trying to figure out what happened and why. Why did I leaved by my lover, with whom we had and shared dreams, and joint plans, painted literally not by day, but by the hour. He is just left - gone from my life after the plans for the wedding. He just said that he is leaving. And that's all. At first I was in a rage, then in horror and at the end it all turned into a deep disappointment, after months which was replaced by utter despondency. My condition was rather miserable - my lifestyle could be compared with amoeba and in order to somehow get distracted, I tried to go out a couple of times a month to go for a walk and drink coffee in my favorite coffee house. And so, once Nickolay came into this coffee house, but I did not notice him, because my eyes there was focused only on a cup of coffee, and my head was filled with empty thoughts, full of melancholy and frustration. I don’t know how, but Nikolay noticed it, or felt it, but he decided to sit down with me and start a conversation. He quickly understood the problem of my misfortune and started talking to me. At first I reacted to him quite skeptically, but after 30 minutes of our dialogue with him, or rather, the monologue of Nicholay, I realized that he was a man standing and for the first time in a long time I wanted to look someone in the eyes. As soon as we made eye contact, I immediately felt an inexplicable surge of vitality in me - I don’t know if it was God who was there, or something, but the fact remains. And this only reinforced my impression of Nikolay. Nikolay, like the others, decided to show me what is the Pokrov movement, where God's followers and now my friends told me a lot of interesting things about religion. And, in order not to stretch my letter, which was already quite voluminous, I will say briefly - I became interested in religion and everything what is connected with it. Nikolay led me to this and I am very grateful to him for this, because thanks to God I can finally move on with my head held high. Thank you, Nikolai, I appreciate and respect you!
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