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TOPIC: My gratitude to you, Nikolay

My gratitude to you, Nikolay 6 months 1 week ago #3524

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Best greetings to all who read this. I consider it necessary to write, though an electronic one, but a letter of thanks addressed to Nikolay. This is a person with whom I have been familiar for quite a long time and, after reading other topics with gratitudes, I understood that I am not an exception, because we met thanks to my past illness - alcoholism. True, it is worth noting that we met without asking for help from intermediaries and met in Brooklyn. I will not tell the details, because it does not matter. I can only note the fact that I was far from being in the best form and not in the best condition. It was the end of my black line in life, which at that time, seemed endless to me. It happened because my wife left me and, again - if I omit all the details, I became addicted to alcohol. I saw a way out of my position, because it helped me to distract from the reality in which I, unfortunately, did not imagine anything, and was just like a lost gray shadow that was thrown from one tavern to another, for which I'm very embarrassed. In alcohol, I saw an outlet, a distraction and a solution of my problems. I didn’t even notice how quickly the year of my wild and worthless life passed, but like everything in this world, it could not go on forever, and Nikolay appeared in my life and became the one who opened my eyes. Through relaxed and quite pleasant conversations, Nikolay allowed me to look at my situation more objectively which horrified me. I was genuinely amazed at how quickly I slipped into an almost asocial way of life, especially considering the fact that my life before alcohol was more than successful.
Realizing how ridiculous and pitiful I am, I stopped, but forgot how I lived before and needed psychological help. Thanks to Nikolay I discovered the Pokrov religious movement, which introduced me to the current world religions in more detailed way and helped me decide what suits me best and become aware of those higher things to which my soul is supportive. I realized that there is no one world religion perfect and I simply believe in the Lord God. I believe in the unity of all things and in the mercy of the omnipotent. It does not go to any marasmic rites, you do not need to pay any ridiculous contributions, as is the case in other religions. Everything is simple - prays to God and auspicious - the appropriate atmosphere is all that is necessary in order to feel your involvement in the great.
The Pokrov movement is remarkable in that it consists exclusively of very interesting and pleasant people who provide very powerful psychological support through direct contact, which makes this movement truly unique and at the same time refined.
I am grateful to Nikolay for the fact that he has opened for me not only the God, but also wonderful people, with whom it is a pleasure to communicate. Thank you!
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