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TOPIC: Leech therapy

Leech therapy 5 years 7 months ago #2630

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Leech therapy (Hirudotherapy)
Leech therapy now becomes popular in Europe. This is not surprising, since modern medicine cannot solve all the problems with chronic diseases, moreover, many traditional drugs have many adverse reactions.

The fact that various diseases can cured by leeches was known in ancient times. This was mostly because many people were engaged in fishing; consequently, they had to deal with these worms very often. Most likely, the healing properties of leeches were known even before BC. Certainly, at those times people started to notice the healing effect in a few hours after a leech’s bite. There is some information about the medicinal properties of leeches both in ancient Hebrew and in Persian manuscripts, as well as ancient Indian manuscripts. For several thousand years, it was assumed that blood-letting is one of the most famous therapies, and leech therapy was initially considered one of the type of this technique.
However, in the old days leech healers applied their methods not only with sick people. There was conviction that leeches improve the complexion and nerve. Therefore, even regal persons often asked their doctors to put healing bloodsuckers behind their ears before visiting balls.
Today scientists count more than a hundred species of leeches, but only one species - Hirudo medicinalis – have really effective in medicine. This species is considered vanishing. Therefore, medicinal leeches are grown in special bio-factories. They are used only once, and then they are killed.

Today medical scientists found about 30 components in the saliva of leeches responsible for medicinal properties. In addition to hirudin that thins the blood, leeches secrete an enzyme that directly reduces blood pressure. There are also enzymes that reduce atherosclerotic plaques. Biologically active substances, which are produced by leeches, contribute to body fat reduction, restore nerve impulse transmission, and have analgesic effect. In addition to the influence of enzymes, healthcare effect is achieved by blood-letting. Small blood loss improves health in general, but do not affect the level of haemoglobin.

In addition, medical leeches give powerful reflex action, by way of regulating the activity of the brain. After using of leeches the local and overall immunity is stimulated, the internal organs are activated and the general condition of the whole body is improved. Leech therapy has a powerful reflex action as well by keeping down engorgement and inflammation. However, leech therapy still keeps many secrets.

There are many diseases during the treatment of which, in addition to the primary therapy medicinal leeches are used. Leech therapy is used in curing diseases of the cardiovascular system such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and vascular disease. It can be useful in some allergic diseases, and it helps greatly during rehabilitation in the postoperative period. Leech therapy is also widely used in osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, urology and gynaecology.

You cannot use leeches by yourself, without consulting a specialist. Before you begin treatment, a leech specialist examines your body and, if it is necessary, you should have a survey, after which there will be recommendations for you concerning diet and lifestyle.

Medical leeches are very sensitive to all odours. Therefore, before a leach treatment course it is forbidden to use cosmetics and perfumes. It is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol ad smoking. Treatment with leeches is not applied during menstruation.

Leeches have an enzyme that kills pain. Therefore, bites people do not feel uncomfortable in 10-15 minutes after their. A sterile dressing is used to cover the bite place, after the doctor removes a leech. Then, the sterile dressing is removed, and the bite place is covered by calendula tincture. The duration of leech treatment course for chronic diseases is from 8 to 12 courses every other day or twice a week. One treatment course usually lasts for 40 minutes to 80 minutes. The number of leeches used during one course depends on the type of disease and patient’s weight.

Effect after treatment is often retained for six months or even a year. Therefore, it is nice to have leech therapy at least once or twice a year.
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