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TOPIC: Agnostic or Atheist

Agnostic or Atheist 5 years 10 months ago #2676

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I believe that atheism doesn’t necessarily exclude agnosticism. I do not believe in absolute and objective truth, I seem to spend my entire life in varying degrees of probability. Much of our experience and knowledge is based on probabilities. People are pretty much focused on a small: atheism lacks every one of the characteristics of religion. On a daily basis, we claim something does not exist when we don't see it. It simply depends on how everyone defines non-existence. For me personally, agnosticism as much as atheism is closely related with the acceptance of existing dogmas in various religions, which are obviously full of contradictions and eventually serve as the most convincing proof of non-existence. Well, many of us are raised to be a firm believer, but still many of us are agnostic in one way or another. Growing up, we had our share of doubts. We can't even pretend that having faith was a bad experience that traumatized us somehow. Believing does have quite a positive influence on one's life. Neither do I believe that religion is the root of all evil. There are so many religion and confession based charities in the world. That’s not faith, though. For a human being, that’s just common sense. Faith gives those having it some hope. Even if that hope is wrong. As long as they are not hurting anyone, what's the harm in it I say?

For some, agnosticism is the position in believing that you cannot know for sure. Clearly this is not the position that atheists hold to and defend as they think there is a growing body of evidence that God is nothing but a product of man's wrongful prejudice, thinking mind or sinful presence. On the contrary, I think I am both agnostic and atheist; and I believe these to be simply two shades of the same color. Neither one believes in a god, and I don't have a personal problem with someone who does. Really. I just don't understand the struggle that believers have in referring to people like me as two separate wicked camps. I really don't care. No, seriously, I really don't. I think that probabilities beyond the range of reason are really pointless to consider. To give any credit to absurdity is just foolish. Of course, just because I am adequately qualified to argue a point that doesn’t necessarily make me right. Thank you.
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