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TOPIC: The power of prayer

The power of prayer 5 years 8 months ago #2358

  • Dendyman
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Have you ever even once regret his actions? Are you sometimes like to change the past and say to a lover, a friend, relative other words - kind, gentle, useful, whatever you separated and brought together? Probably so. How to stay calm in the daily hustle and bustle, do not be offended, do not complain, do not conflict with, understand and support each other? All this you need to learn, and not berate yourself for mistakes, and love because it is love and the desire to become the best, the belief that you need to your children, parents, Universe help raise our vibration, which is very important in preparing by 2012. Help to find inner peace prayer.

ASK - and will be given to you

On the miraculous power of prayer say ordinary people and scientists, wealthy and poor. When we seriously can not find a way out of the impasse of life, tortured and not retreating disease, we raise our eyes to the sky, waiting for help. It is our soul entangled in worldly cares, wants to get rid of them and points the way to healing through prayer. Remember the words of the Gospel: "Ask - will be given to you, seek - and find, knock - and opened unto you: For every one who asks - gets people looking for - finds and who knocks - open him." Wisdom and truth of these words confirmed many times. And you also see this if you believe sincerely want to change your life for the better, call for help to God in prayer, and most will take effect. What is the power of prayer, discuss the example of the life of St. John of Kronstadt Miracle. John from childhood lived in poverty seen around a lot of grief, tears and suffering, but in your heart always bore the love of God. At 6 years old began to learn to read and write, but it was given to him so hard. He often prayed hard and asked God for help. Then one day, after one of these prayers, like the boy shook like a veil fell from his eyes, opened mind easily and happily was at heart, he remembered the last lesson and all that he taught. The next day John began reading a lot better, well understood and remembered reading. Since then, he has become a great study: fine finished college, seminary and theological academy. '25 John taught the Law of God. Later he opened the gift of healing. Live as John was given elected only because not everyone can humbly accept misery, suffering and renounce many benefits. But his example could inspire us as much as we can, to become better, lighter to carry the love and joy of each other and the universe.

Select as SATELLITES faith, hope and love is not accidental major Christian moral character - a faith, hope and love. If you believe that you can overcome difficulties, you will find the strength to do it. Hope strengthens faith and banishes doubts. Love - it's a great feeling, this all to make us and the world around kinder, brighter, because God is love. When applying to God, remember this. Reading prayers vidvolichitsya all extraneous thoughts, open your heart and let your conversation be sincere with God. If you want to cry, not strymuytesya you feel better. Morning and evening, read the "Our Father", "Prayer to the Holy Trinity," "Prayer to the Blessed Virgin," "Prayer to the Holy Spirit," or others that you are closer to the soul. You can find their own words to tell God about his condition, the pain, problems and ask for support and porady.Napryklad, you can say, "Lord! I know that wine, and do not know where, what and how, but I repent and ask for forgiveness. " "Forgive, O Lord, my sins conscious and unconscious. Come into my heart, it is open to you. It say, live it, it acts. Thy will be done, not mine. Lord! I give my heart to you only and no force in the world obirve of the thread that binds you and me. " "Lord, do it so that I did not have anything other than integrity, truth and power." "Lord, help me advise what to do, where to go, whom to talk, send me men to help find a way out of my situation. Lord of the education my mind, open my heart, my soul inspire goodness and love, let me lead the forces of light and goodness. " Over time, your life will be amazing changes required. There will be people who tell you how to solve your problem, you just listen and moral support, circumstances will arise so that you can have a heart with family, loved ones, friends and build your relationship. This chain of "cases" you create for yourself, because honestly believe that God is there, He loves us and wants us to become better. Speak prayer when you hard, also when you have everything well, you are happy when you managed to get rid of problems or diseases. They fill you up and around the area even more energy and raise your vibration to line 2012 was passed easily in harmony with itself and the world.
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The power of prayer 5 years 7 months ago #2565

  • Liliana
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Yes, prayers are very helpful, we must constantly pray to God. Thank him for what he gives us and lead a decent life. Only through gratitude, we can find rest and elevate the soul. Because if we only ask God for something permanent, we will not have always what we want, but we still have to be thankful for what we have for the moment.
But we also have to ask sometimes, it helps us get what we want, because if we did not voice in prayer, what we want, how do God knows what we need. But I believe that we must constantly ask only good things, such as happiness and health of our loved ones. Because health - it is the most important thing that we can have in life. Without health, we want nothing and don’t need money. And often we neglect the health we treat bad our body and think that it will always be with us, and this is unfortunately not. Can happen is that we get sick, and unfortunately, only then we will appreciate how important it is to protect our health. And if we stay healthy and will pray for him, then we 'll be fine.
And best of all ask the god of health and wisdom. Then our life will be happy. Because only wisdom can do our life better. We have to think every time when we do something, because to do something wrong it is very easy, but to fix it, it can take a lot of time. Think, then do – it is the best motto in life.
LIfe is good!
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The power of prayer 5 years 6 months ago #2626

  • sunny
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Very interesting topic, I bet it made a lot of readers to ask themselves a lot of questions.
I can't say I am a great prayer, or I sleep with Holy Bible under my pillow, but I know that prayers has so much power no one can explain.
Nowdays people forget to pray or they just think there is no need to pray, and just when they are in difficult situations they ask God to help them and they promisse God they will do whatever Bible said they should, just to help them. People pray when they feel helpless, when they can't do anything they should. People know if they pray, God will help and everything will be just fine. People know if they pray to God, their children and their entire family will be healthy and safe.

Yes, I don't pray each night, as I did before in my childhood. My grandmother was teaching me to pray all the time when I feel helpless, when I need morepower and more health, and everything will be alright. She was praying all the time: for us , for her family, for the entire world and she was always saying if people won't pray- the earh will become darker and all humans will die.

The power of prayer is collosal. It contains so much authority and it really helps people wth their troubles and issues. If you pray- you feel like you are protected, like you are safe and your are solving all the problems very easy.

When praying, there is like an aura that is protecting you and gives you power and authority.
Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you...
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The power of prayer 5 years 6 months ago #2675

  • MaKs_usa
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To tell the truth I'm just learning to pray. :sick: And don’t know the power of prayer. Very pleased with the fact that I have seen this site. There are many things to learn for me.
Когда мы трудимся - мы работаем,
когда мы молимся - работает БОГ
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The power of prayer 5 years 6 months ago #2686

  • cooper
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We pray because we love, because we have fear of God, because we feel responsible for our lifes and our family lifes.We pray because we exist and we want to exist in peace.
Each of us is feeling better and safe after praying. We feel like Lord is listening to us and is protecting us and our family, so we become more powerful and more calm.
When we pray, we feel better, we feel safer and kind of protected.
Like me, after I go to the church I feel better, I feel like I am lighter and I feel better from all points of view. I feel like all my problems are not so important and everything can be easily solved, I become calm and like that I can see numerous solutions for my unsolved troubles in the past. And it really works.
The power of a prayer can be very powerful and helpful. You think that somebody helps you and somebody or something is really helping you in everything. You smile and you think it's easier that you though it can be.
nothing personal, just me.
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The power of prayer 5 years 5 months ago #2827

  • AGAta
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One clever man explained me these words:
Obviously, prayer is not boring, but rather the way in which we pray.
If we pray mechanically, routinely, superficial or monotone, then sooner or later it becomes boring.
What could little help, becomes an effort that does not justify the costs.

Regardless of whether traditional prayer or bombastic, or simplified, they reach our ears, but not always - hearts and minds. Prayer must be matched to the emotional and intellectual level of the human. That's important! :)
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