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TOPIC: Sense of our life

Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2809

  • Rio
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yeah I have just watched the video, a curious one! Well obviously we can not know everything, the world is too big for us, only some parts of the big puzzle are known. Each person sees the Sense of our life from his angle. And what is the sense according to this video? I didn’t seem to get it!
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Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2814

  • cooper
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I was always thinking about the sense of my life. From early childhood I was trying to imagine myself as a boat in a big Ocean, with no parents and relatives, with no brothers and sisters, with no friends. I was asking myself- so what would I do by myself and where would I go? I think I would just leave the boat go by itself wherever it wants me to go. Because it would be nonsense to do anything by myself.
I understood that my family and all my brothers, sisters , friends and relatives are giving me this sense in life. I know they can help me with whatever I need and they will never ever let me in troubles.
Also I understood that my work and my earnings has it's own place in my lfe, and it is a sense of my life as well. Without job- I wouldn't earn money and without money I wouldn't exist , because nowdays unfortunatelly everything is based on money.
The sense of my life consists of each second, each moment and each breath. The nature, the country I am living in, the society, the politics, the babies are borned every single second, the air and the nature around us, the mood that is being so different, and LOVE that is so important as food is...everything is being a sense of my life.
If people are not seing the sense of their lifes in this tiny tiny things are happening each moment around them , they are dead from the inside. Their soul are ver poor and ther mind is busy with things that doesn't matter so much is this life.
I am sorry for those people who are seeking their happiness and sense of their life just in money and in being reach and in having big houses and villas an very expensive cars and biches. I am sorry for them because they didn't understand the most important things in life , and most of them will probably understand it too late.
Lord created this world not just for money and for being famoust, He created it for us, for people to understand we were created for love and for kindness.
We all must remember our sense of life shouldn't be different, it should be the same and it should be for the World's sake!
nothing personal, just me.
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Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2826

  • renata
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My favorite quote regarding the meaning of life is the following - the meaning of life lies in life itself. And I fully agree with it. I think people are wrong concentrating philosophically on what the meaning of life is, but practically missing actually any life. The meaning of life lies in every single moment – from the time you open your eyes in the beginning to the time, you close your eyes to sleep – it includes everything – the moments you laughed, the moments you cried, the moments you were happy and unhappy. I think it is very important to be happy in this life – to stay true to yourself, be just the way you are without thinking whether it could be good or not, whether it could be accepted by the society or not. And also, it is a meaning of everyone’s life to find his meaning. Find something beautiful and get lost in it absolutely.
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Sense of our life 5 years 7 months ago #2894

  • AGAta
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As for me I can say that sense of our life is in our childrens :cheer: :) :) :)
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