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TOPIC: Sense of our life

Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2440

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Sense of our life is our family. What are you without your family? Nothing. You have roots here, you have close relatives, who are the best friends and who will support you if you are in a difficult situation. Your family is everything for you. Maybe, you even don`t understand it. Maybe, you think I am telling here simple uninteresting things. But it is true. There is nothing more important than family. If you have children, you know that your sense of life are children. Why? Because it is you in eternity. You are leaving the pass in the world. You know that you will live on this planet eternally in your children, your grandchildren. And what is the most important thing about it? You want to give them the better life.
The sense of the life is to get a better life for ourselves in sake of our children. so, you see, the sense of life is you, your life. You are the most important one in this Universe. And you should live the best life now. It is you, who have dreamt about the better life from Monday. Don`t wait! Start it today. It is your choice! Your life should be the best today, because we don`t have the chance to live one more. We live here and now. That is why I am telling you: start your better life now! It is the sense of the life – to live. The answer is, as always, in the question. You just have to do nothing, just live. And you will catch the sense of the life yourself. Your sense of life is unique. And nobody knows what the sense in your life is. Make it clear!
The hatred of those who are near to us is most violent.
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Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2464

  • Jenkins
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Children. I don't have another thing to mention.
Some people would say that the sense of life is to leave something outstanding on the mother Earth or to make a masterpiece such as painting or musical composition. For me there is no such masterpiece that can be better than my own child. I would do everything for her! Every time I see her sleeping I say 'Thank you' to the God.

The friend of mine has told me many times that he would never forgive himself being alone almost all his life. Now he is 60 and he just married and has a pregnant wife. He said that his wife and his child are the most important two people in his life. He is depressed about potential inability to see his child growing up and for example being married or etc.

That is why I would never suggest to anybody to be alone all his life because family is the only sense of life. I can repeat it many times!

We are not Picassos and we are not Da Vinci's that is why we should keep in mind the thought that all we have is our soul, open heart & mind and our families of course.

Don't believe to 'free travellers' of life when they say that there is no better thing than be alone and do what you want. They literally have wind in their minds. Such people usually come to the thought that something is wrong when they already 60. But major part of life has passed away and you have your short breath only. Never trust them when they are young and listen to them when they are already old and have something to worry about.

I don't want to be alone and, more than that, I cannot live without my family... The only thing I have is my family.

I don't think you have any other ideas to mention, or?
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Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2468

  • Cornel
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Great topic, guys!

Yeah, family is the most important thing to be achieved in life BUT what if I told you that you're already 60 or 80, your kids have grown up and now you have nothing to do? In such situations people should look for another motivation to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

'Never give up' - this is my sense of life. I have a family and it doesn't mean I have already achieved everything I was going to. No, it's just only beginning of a great path of a happy person.

I do my best at work (own small business), I do my best when I travel, getting new places every time I go somewhere and etc.

Of course, my family is an integral part of me, but life cannot consist of family only. We should try to be helpful for the society. It doesn't matter how or how many people would benefit. Just try to be a part of social life and activities and you'll get a feedback soon.

I thing that the receipt is quiet easy to remember and repeat it every day to yourself: make your life full of meaning, don't waste your time watching stupid comedies or playing computer games. Look around and see how beautiful the place we live in is. So, the main point is to make it brighter, better and worth living!

I've read about monks lived centuries ago in China, who also settled in high mountains to be isolated from another people to make their life meaningful! I don’t think it’s a good idea to build a happy life but there is nothing to do with somebody’s desire to live life in such a way. That is why another thing to mention is our desires. If you want to be monk, you will have to shave your head one day. If you want to be a president, you will have to find a lot of money and forget about your normal personal life or etc. Listen to your heart to find a meaning of life. Everything is in us. That is why don’t be afraid to do what you want to do and what your heart and mind tell you to do.
I have spent much time talking to people who are not satisfied with their lives during my past experience as a psychiatrist and analyst. And all I learned is that people should firstly understand what do they want and only then start doing it. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for many of us to behave in such way. Usually, we do and only then we think about what we have as a result. It’s not right to estimate your life after you’ve made something.
So, recognizing your own sense of life consists of many different aspects that should be recognized, estimated and only then put into operation.
never try to be satisfied with your life if your car is dirty
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Sense of our life 5 years 8 months ago #2533

  • sunny
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Well...it's a really nice subject, and I bet each of us has it's own sense of life :)
First of all the sense of a person's life depends on it's education, on someones parents, on the friends who are always around, on the society in which the person is growing up.
My sence of life is being happy and making other people at least as happy as I am :)
What do I mean when I tell you about my happiness?
I mean, being happy it when I am healthy, when my parents and my loved ones are absolutely healthy, when my family has something to eat on the table every day, and we pray and thank the Lord He give food to us. I am happy when I wake up each morning and I know all my family and loved ones are waking up with the same idea. I am happy when it's snowing, when it's raining and when it's sunny or cloudy, I love the nature because Lord gave it to us as it is, clody or sunny- it's wonderful!
I am happy when I walk down the street and I see cute babyes with their happy families around, and they are smiling so sweet! I am happy when I see a squirell crossing the road :) or a birt singing so nice especially in the morning. I am so happy when I call my parents and their voice are happy and they are missing me, as I am missing them all the time. I am happy when my husband is coming home after work and I cook him something delicious each evening to see him happy and pleased. I am so so happy when my husband is always telling me I am the most beautiful woman in the world..I think these moments will never disappear from our life. I am happy when my family is enjoying each others and they are talking , and they are playing or walking. You can't even imagine how happy I am when I see those smiles on their beautiful faces! :)
Well...this is the sense of my life. Happyness for me and those who are next to me.
Also, the sense of life of a woman differs from sense of life of men- this is my point of view.
I think men are more logical in this moments. Theyr sense of life is work, making money and feeding their families, a happy and healthy children and happy and pleased wifey. Well, it depends on the men. I know some persons they have their families on the first place, then work and so on. Others have their work on the first place, business...so they think they can make their families happy with money.
A womens sense of life is her husband, kids, parents, friends, work and so on.
We are just a bit different from each other, but we want the same :)
Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you...
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Sense of our life 5 years 7 months ago #2650

  • Rio
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It is interesting that so many people suggested that a sense of our lives is a family, work or getting furniture or creating a masterpiece etc. Interesting in a sense that all these things are worldly, today you are alive and tomorrow you are dead. How many people never had a family or had it at some point of their lives but lost it, absolutely the same can be said about other things mentioned above. So would it mean then that a person’s life has no sense then and meaningless if you don’t have all these things in life? If we look at this merely from our worldly and perishable nature then looks like it. But there is eternal life when you are physically dead. We all will have to give account for our lives. Everyone was created for a reason to make some difference in the world. This life is a test; we all have temptations in our lives to overcome and need to grow spiritually and to learn about God and to cleanse ourselves from all the sins that are present in our souls. God created us to worship him and gave us the commandments. Jesus showed us example of true love and it is something we must aspire for. We can’t just live and do what we want. There is much more to it. It is difficult to find out what each particular person should do in his life. But by learning and growing in Gods word it is possible. It is a long way, but at first we should work on ourselves to be better than we are, so that others could see God working in us and more people would be drawn to God as well and change their lives for the better.
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Sense of our life 5 years 7 months ago #2656

  • Matan
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It could be said that the seance of life is continuous and infinite evolution of consciousness, accumulation of good experience and the development of a spiritual qualities. And this all allows everyone to come to the next level of evolution and occupy a certain hierarchical level in space, which corresponds to the level of consciousness (spiritual development) and the ability to create things only by means of thoughts.
Maybe it sounds too complicated, but life is indeed complicated. And only if we cognize deep sense of it, it can be said that our life has meaning. So don't be lazy and practice your mind to be able to realize the depth of knowledge.
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